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    09 YZ250F engine question

    Also inside the head cap there is a small plastic strip that is attached to 2 little taps at the top. I large piece of that is missing.
  2. DClarence

    09 YZ250F engine question

    Finally had a chance this morning to take a look at things. Took the plug out of the cover and the crank is NOT seized. Crank will move but it stops at the same place. Something above it is seized. Took the head cap off and the timing chain will not move or anything on top. One other thing that I forgot to mention is that the oil filter is twisted. It is a brand new stainless filter and it is some what twisted and full of metal shavings.
  3. New to 4 strokes and new to TT. Just recently got a our first 4 stroke, a 09 YZ250F. Changed all the fluids and filters before the first ride. Have put about 2 hours on it with an air filter change after each ride. Was going to change the oil and filter at the end of a ride today but.... Bike was running fine but acted like it ran out of gas. No knock, bang, backfire just died. Went to kick it over and the kick start seized. Wont go down. Brought it in and drained the oil and there are silver fillings in the oil and filter. Now I can do anything to a 2 stroke but never cracked open a 4 stroke. Based on the vast knowledge on this board can someone give me an idea what I might be facing. May just make someone a great offer on a project bike instead of doing it myself.