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  1. beefsquad

    Is My ignition coil bad?

    The bike hasn't run for about 3 weeks. I had spark so went on a wild goose chase through the carb with no luck. I guess the spark was insufficient
  2. Using a Fluke T5-1000 digital multimeter I tested the primary side of my ignition coil receiving a value of 9 k Ohms. My clymers states its should be somewhere between .20 and .3o ohms. I tested the secondary and got no reading at all. I still get a spark if I test the plug against the frame. Is my meter not right for testing? Is the spark possible but too weak for ignition?
  3. beefsquad

    2001 wr250 F won't run.

    Engine turns freely New plug Hot start and choke move freely Valve plate correct per my clymers
  4. beefsquad

    2001 wr250 F won't run.

    I'm new so please bear with me. A few weeks ago I snapped my kick axle on my first attempt to start for the day. The bike had run perfectly two weeks before. I found a used kickaxle assembly from a YZ. It was in good condition. When the part arrived I Attempted to replace the kickaxle without draining the fluids by laying the bike down and removing the crankcase/clutch covers. It quickly became apparent that was not going to work. Like I said I'm new. I stood the bike up, drained the oil and coolant, and removed the exhaust and then the crankcase cover. I got lucky the cover wasn't damaged when the kickaxle broke. I removed the clutch basket making sure the plates stayed in order . Then I pulled out the kickaxle and installed the replacement. When installing the clutch basket I had to wiggle some gears just a bit to get the clutch to seat back in place. Put everything back together. Covers on and replaced the oil and coolant. Now for two weeks Ive been trying to get it to kick over. It will kick. The kickaxle works. I have spark have compression. I cleaned the carb per instructions from a buddy of mine. I got it to start one time. After draining fuel from the bowl I put it back together turned the fuel on. I kicked it and it started for 2 seconds then died and hasn't started since. I' ve drained and replaced the fuel just on the off chance it was bad. Nope still don't start. The pilot jet screw was set to 2 1/2 turns out. Any help or ideas are appreciated. Sarcastic comments tolerated. Rude remarks well lets not go there.