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  1. ingeniusone7

    i need advice on what the best sprocket combo

    Im keeping stock rear wheel..i was told 14/46 or 15/47 would be a good mix.... thanks guys
  2. Im turning my crf450r street legal..right now it has 13/48 gearing, wondering what best sprocket combo is for street worthy highway speeds if it need be but still good for tight trails and woods...thanks
  3. ingeniusone7

    Loud metal thrashing sound?please help me diagnose!

    Not sure if its a stock chain or not, I just bought the bike used and rebuilt motor, (also installed brand new timing chain)..so thats not the issue.Im going to put it on blocks tomorrow and find my issue...maybe chain is bent or warped and new one is in order...chain blocks guides are bad, or rear wheels is not in proper alignment, hopefully i find the culprit to my problem
  4. ingeniusone7

    Loud metal thrashing sound?please help me diagnose!

    Thanks for input guys,,the more i think about it has to be something not aligned I noticied the chain had 520 v on it..have yet to take it all apart and check for spacer..it does have aftermarket chain adjusting blocks..not sure of brand...but previous owner told me he had went through like 3 stock chain guides already and their are chain marks all over the tire hugger in front of rear tire..so something is not aligned..I noticied when adjusting chain it has alot of side movement but chain looks fine,and its not over tightened...I will keep everyone posted on outcome
  5. Ok guys I have here a 04 crf450r, I just rebuilt the top end. I bought it needing a new top end I was told,so I dont know any past history of bike.Nor have I ever owned a crf450, so I dont know their characterisitics....Here is the issue the bike runs fantastic...only issue is it makes a loud metal thrashing sound at low rpms only, and only is lower gears....also does it if I lug it really bad, and I notice it whenever I happen to stall bike at low speeds..ive been searching all over forums on web,,they all say this loud noise is coming from my chain slapping swingarm or case,front sprocket, chain slider..I have looked and adjusted chain twice now, with no improvement or change. It really sound way to loud to be coming from chain..its so loud it scares me to even ride the bike..I can say at idle and at any speed with clutch not engage(pulled in), the noise does not exist..And if im hard on the gas it does not exist..clutch works great doesnt slip or anything crazy like that...My guess is, the motor internally is fine...it would have to be something in tranny or clutch..I did read about spacer behind front sprocket for oring chain...I have not checked to see yet...but pleae I cannot be the only person with this issue....so chime in guys..so i can get out on the trails...aloha
  6. ingeniusone7

    street legal crf450r best mods?

    Thanks for the advice susco 64 definatey pricey, but I will keep it in mind. looking for a kickstand and best tailight setup
  7. ingeniusone7

    street legal crf450r best mods?

    Just titled my 2004 crf450r,,, just got the headlight kit from trail tech. Still need horn, rear brake light etc...Anyone and everyone please chim in with advice and what your choices were, love pictures if you have them. wondering what best speedo alternative their is, best gear ratio for woods street on this machine as well as any other mods...thanks everyone
  8. ingeniusone7

    04 crf450r valve issues

    krannie, so do you suggest installing new valves in my existing head or just getting a 06'head off a newer bike?is the design that much better? Really dont want to spend 500 on a new head but it seems that rebuilding my stock one is gonna cost about that
  9. ingeniusone7

    crf450x engine into a crf450r bike

    Knobby addiction what is my best route for fixing my damaged 04 crf450r head??it has bad intake valves for sure, dont know if springs are bad? I was tod newer 450 motors had better heads and to get one vs repairing my old design head??
  10. ingeniusone7

    04 crf450r valve issues

    Ok guys just started on trying to fix my 04 crf450r, as of right now I have bent intake valves for sure, exhaust look fine, time will tell. Guy who owned before me stated that he put the kibble whites in 3 years ago. IS their anyway to prove this or know for sure their kibble whites?regardless Ineed to fix the head so shoud I a:buy new kibble whites and springs, or B: buy a newer 450r head with better valves head design??If i do buy a newer head are their any issues or perticular year heads to buy..thanks
  11. ingeniusone7

    crf450x engine into a crf450r bike

    I should have been more specific, I bought the trail tech lighting system for the 450r, comes with batttery pack,rectifer, stator rewound harness , headlight...everything i need made specific for my bike...so im good on that, just curious as to best gear sprockets to buy for woods slash open roads want this baby to have more longevity, rebuilds are pricey
  12. ingeniusone7

    crf450x motor fit into the crf450r frame

    So bascially its not that big of a deal to modify the top brackets??I do have a welder, everyone says the motor is taller...But the fabing would be worth it just to have the electric start in my opinion as well as better gear ratio..as for the power the r is too nasty for the woods regardless..so i wont miss anything..thanks...has anyone actually done this mod, so I could get pics and what not so I coud get a blueprint for the mod?
  13. ingeniusone7

    crf450x engine into a crf450r bike

    Gotcha, I hate that.....whats the best gearing for my 4 then to make it more of a good woods bike??any good mods to do?Just bought a trail tech headlight setup, next purchase will be kickstand...and now im looking for a tailight, can i just use the crf450x rear fender with light i hope?? thanks krannie
  14. ingeniusone7

    crf450r will the x kickstand mount right up?

    Thanks for the info guys i figured their would be a catch damn honda..lol! I would buy a new one from a reputable place, but to me I dont want to spend a hundred just for a kickstand...Im too cheap i guess. I will try to see where the casting is in frame to tap and drill. sure its not that big of a deal..thanks guys
  15. ingeniusone7

    crf450x motor fit into the crf450r frame

    Ive been asking around as I know these motors are completely different. Ive been told yes and no so far, to my question if I can fit the crf450x motor into my crf450r frame..Really want the electric start and wide gear ratios?? also wondering if the kick stand will fit the r frame off the x bike??thanks in advance