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  1. therapture

    Datona SX on Speed

    Mostly luck...any bike on that track was withing a single gulp of water away from utter failure. Actually, I thought it sucked for the rest of the guys, Reed was flat out kicking everyone's ass....made them look bad....
  2. therapture

    Ok, Another Question about Rotella T

    Rally, it's NOT thicker. A 5w40 and 15w40 are a multigrade oil. Meaning that a 5w40 acts like a 5w at room temperature, but when heated up, it retains viscosity better ends up being as thick as a 40w straight oil. Same with 15w40.....so yeah, when your bike is not runiing, technically the 5w40 is thinner, but after 2-3 minutes, they are technically the same weight oil. Being synthetic, the 5w40 has a better temp gradient as far as viscosity goes and thins out less as it heats up. There is still so much BS out there about oils.....
  3. therapture

    Ok, Another Question about Rotella T

    Utter, completely wrong, bullshit, is what you heard. Intentional or not, it's bullshit. Many "car" oils are BETTER, than your overpriced "motorcycle" oil.....
  4. therapture

    Southwick Picture and creative lies

    Those idiots in the pic, regardless of what the sign said, make even REAL rednecks look bad...somewhere, the original cleetus and billy bob are rolling over in their graves. REAL rednecks like motocross, those guys are poor excuses for a real mx fan. Go defend your fracking retarded, inbred, cheap beer guzzling, spineless, uneducated, chicken-shit, no-brains friends somewhere else. They should just stick to greased hog catching contests at the county fair and dukes of hazard re-runs while eating a large bag of pork skins with milwaukees best beer....complete and total jackasses they are.
  5. therapture

    RHC head?

    Oh yeah....RHC porting, camshaft, a good pipe with some carb jetting to match the mods....will be superb and usable power.
  6. therapture

    getting in shape!

    To get into better cardio shape, an easy way to do it is take your 220, subtract your age, then multiply that result by .55 and by .85.....that will give you a ballpark target heart rate to "train" at. Do this every other day or at least 4x a week for 30 minutes at a time, you will see some nice results in as little as 2-3 weeks. Example, I am 37, so 220-37=183...now, 183x.55=@100 beats per minute, and 183x.85=@155 beats per minute. I would want to work towards the higher end to get the best cardio training, and towards the lower end to burn the most fat (with less cardio benefit of course). That beind said, that baseline is normally fairly easy to do, most athlete types can go a bit higher on the upper range. I typically train at ~165bpm, and if I feel tired I will drop to the mid 150's.....but this is from jogging/running and bicycling for 5+ years....
  7. therapture

    Seeing double half way through 2nd moto

    Sounds like your race pace is harder than your practice pace, which is what you want. Also sounds like you need to get into better cardio shape....have you tried jogging or bicycling?
  8. therapture

    How to gain more endurance?

    Truer words have never been spoken.....the old adage "no pain no gain" is sooooo true in regards to cardio training for mx. When I was racing, I would fast jog/run for an HOUR, to be able to hang onto the mx bike for a 30 minute moto at basically 100%. MX works so many more muscles than just running, so your oxygen usage is going to be MORE on an mx track than it is running. I have great cardio fitness right now, because I bicycle at a fast pace, keeping my heart rate at 155-175, for 45 minutes to an hour at least 4x a week. Resting heart rate in the morning, 47-50 bpm, during the day, working at the parts counter, etc, it runs around 60-65 bpm. Bicycling can DEFINITELY get you into cardio shape, but you have to WORK,same as running. So no matter what you choose guys, there is no EASY way to do it, it hurts, and sometimes it hurts a lot Choose the one YOU find enjoyable and kick it up a notch.
  9. therapture

    Heart rate(s)

    I can't say time wise, I have kept in good cardio shape for the last 4+ years, but to get to a good fitness level, be consistent, watch your heartrate, and do distances/times that you can FINISH at first, and then slowly increase every couple weeks. I would say it took me 3-4 months to get into really decent shape. I don't think the treadmill alone does it....I ride my bicycle fairly hard, 3-4 times a week, for an hour or so each time. On weekends I sometimes take longer and less intense rides, 2 hours or a little more. I also jog/slow run a few times a month to break the cycle up a bit.
  10. therapture

    Question for Dr. Mark on Tib/Fib break with xrays...

    Kudo's to him, I know the whole rod bit, got those 2 titanium parts in my left femur from the joint to the knee. I can feel the difference in the left femur, the rods cause some pain after a hard running session, I guess they shift a minute bit under those loads. I was wondering about getting them but I have not check backed with Austin Skeletal Trauma to see if I NEED to.....what do you guys (and Dr. Mark of course) think, should I get them out, or leave them in. Motocross is probably not in my future anymore, so...take that into account.
  11. therapture

    How to gain more endurance?

    Like another said, it's probably shin splints. Try a real running shoe, the average "tennis shoe" won't cut it at all for running or even moderate jogging. Also even with proper shoes shin splints can occur, but like anything else, repetition can make it go away as your body gets used to the exertion. I used to get them, but getting a real running shoe and some acclimation, I have not had them in years.
  12. therapture

    Heart rate(s)

    My resting rate is 48-52, my "training" rate is 165-175, which I can hold for an hour without too much trouble. I can do a bit more for shorter periods, but once I hit 185 it gets nasty and not much fun at all. My blood pressure at rest is ~110/65 which is pretty good as well. I love it at the gym when I am on the treadmill and a young guy lines up next to me and tries to run at a faster speed, only to quit after 10-15 minutes, while I do my 45-50 minute run. Or when I am riding my bike and catch a dude from way behind and they try to keep up as I pull away, I guess I stay competitive from my mx days. Back when I was 18 or 19 I was getting my resting rate down into the 47 range, so at 36 I think I am doing pretty damn good. So get in shape and enjoy it, stay consistent, even when I feel tired, I will not skip a ride, I just take it easier but I still get out and do SOMETHING....it's real easy to get out of shape, and so hard to regain it. I feel young, and plan on acting young for many years. I don't want to grow up all the way, ever.
  13. therapture

    Weight Loss

    Because when you truly get hungry, your body THINKS it might be in a situation where food is going to get even more scarce, so it tries to conserve it's energy stores. It's been proven time and time again that eating 4-6 small meals a day and never feeling hungry, will burn off more calories and let you have more energy than by trying to go long times between small meals. Look around the net, it's all over. You acting like an ass and starting shit just isn't productive. 4 years ago I decided I did not want to be big anymore, and I lost 50lbs, and have kept it off. I was at a trimmer 200lbs when I was racing MX but I was running 6-10 miles 4x a week then as well, and riding long motos, but after my serious injury 3 years ago, running is not as easy due to 2 titanium rods in my hio and femur. I'm 36 now, 210lbs at 6'3" and in great shape. I eat pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want, and my resting heart rate is typically 48-52 bpm. I ride my bicycle 15-18 miles at least 4 times a week at a fast pace with my heart rate in the 165-175 range for 40-50 minutes. I take longer, and a bit slower rides on occasional weekends for around 2 hours for a total of 26-30 miles. I don't even have a road bike, I use my mountain bike, but hey, I don't care, I do it for fitness, not for style points. Besides, when I want to bunny hop a curb or run off into a ditch to climb a little hill, well....watch a road bike try that shit hehe.
  14. therapture

    Thanks Dr. Mark...

    Thanks, I am sure you hooked that kid up good....kudos. I apologize for jumping to conclusions, and actually had I thought a little more clearly....but I digress... Hence the reason I left it open ended. No harm done...thanks for replying. I thought you had a way of calling David, but apparently he did not have his own cell phone and I assume you did not have his friend's either :-) Missed some good racing, and if I ever break a bone that requires surgery again, I will be sure to look you up.
  15. therapture

    Oil options

    Ever heard of the high quality K&N oil filters? Well, HiFlo makes them for K&N....they are great filters. And reasonably priced.