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  1. Plugeye did you sell this? Would you recommend it again vs a GS 17" wheel swap?
  2. I put a 96 rm250 front end on my 99 dr350 dirt model. Those are awesome forks and I miss them! I did have them revalved to soften up slow compression damping, and even after that I turned down the compression clickers all the way and then ended up taking about 20-30 ml of oil out of each fork to give more air to soften it up. Don't get me wrong, they were great anyways, I was just trying to smooth out the tiny bumps. Asking too much. In any case, as I recall I used the whole front end assembly from 96-98 rm250 donors (bought piece by piece), pressed the DR stem into the RM triples, and had to shim the upper triple a little bit. But that's likely because it was bored and shimmed for a kdx200 stem that didn't work out. You can check allballs steering stem bearings chart to see if you need to change any bearings. I think the lower was the same between the rm and the DR, but verify. All in all it was an easy upgrade, steering stops lined up, I was very happy, and probably spent $5-600 on parts and labor for it. I also bought a 20t press from harbor freight, but I use that for lots of things so I don't include it in the price. Feel free to ask more questions if any of this isn't clear or useful, or just send me your forks if you decide it's not for you.. [emoji4] Hey buddy, nice to see you here too. What year rmz forks did you get and why did you decide on them? I should probably read your build thread ... Edit: you linked directly to a thread that answers my questions. Hehe nice