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  1. Orange lemon

    Ktm 250sx 07 killing spark plugs.

    Thanks everyone, plugs are not fouled they are just dying. Checked the plugs, they are definitely dead. Only leaned it off to 60:1 to make sure it wasn't a fuel issue but the lack of fouling already showed that. I'm thinking it is electrical. Ill run through the tests.
  2. Orange lemon

    Ktm 250sx 07 killing spark plugs.

    Me too, I thought it was a fuel issue at first but it is actually killing the plug in about ten minutes. I'll go through the electrical motions. I have only assumed that the plugs are being killed because when I put a new plug in it fires. Ill stick the plugs in another bike and see if they fire. Ill test from there. Still interested to hear of anything similar. Thanks.
  3. Orange lemon

    Ktm 250sx 07 killing spark plugs.

    My brand new 2007 ktm 250sx got about 15 hours on it before I had my first kid, then I had my second. It was running fine. Over the course of the following years it only got a few hours but it ran fine. I've just started riding it again and it is killing plugs. It starts fine. I ride for about 10 minutes. If I stop it will not start again. When I check the plug there is no spark. Sometimes after about ten minutes is just stops while I'm riding. I have done all the usual. New Fuel, carby and float clean, factory settings on air screw and jet and needle. I leaned it right off as per manual to 60:1. When I put a new plug in it kicks first time then the plug dies again either as I'm riding or won't start again after stopping. The plugs never work again? The bike has very low hours on it. I hope someone has some ideas. Thanks.