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  1. bubbachuck7

    Heas repair

    Anyone know is anyone does repair to valve bucket bores? 2008 yz250f valve bucket exploded damage isnt horrible wondering if it can be repaired thanks!
  2. Thats a 14/15 pipe wraps around the head
  3. bubbachuck7

    Red graphics for 2014 2015 yzf

    Got mine from rocky mountain not retro style tho
  4. bubbachuck7

    2004 yz250f master cylinder rebuild

    Could be a bad break line also rubber type like to flex and expand when they get old and weak causing a spongy feel
  5. bubbachuck7

    black plug and bottom of valves? blue smoke

    Put a new piston in and ride
  6. bubbachuck7

    S/steel or titanium valves?

    Always cut new seats id go with oem valves
  7. bubbachuck7

    yzf250 oil 2004

    Vise grip or sharp chisel and hammer
  8. bubbachuck7

    Valve clearence too tight no shims

    Your sure there are no shims?
  9. bubbachuck7

    yzf250 oil 2004

    possibly spokes if there loose enough just watch where it moves wether its swingarm or wheel bearings
  10. bubbachuck7

    Yz250f oil change

    ^^^ there is no set limit i run rotella its 13$$ a gallon and that does 4 changes so i change it frequently some people go longer and im sure i could too but its a good peace of mind in my book
  11. bubbachuck7

    yzf250 oil 2004

    Yes drain both
  12. bubbachuck7

    yzf250 oil 2004

    It is a dipstick. Your oil tank is built into the frame there is drain bolt on frame behind front wheel
  13. bubbachuck7

    Yz250f oil change

    I change every 3 hours with rotella 15w-40 filter every other change
  14. bubbachuck7

    Oil Filter Comparison Side by Side

    I have a hard time believing it would be any better than an oem filter
  15. bubbachuck7

    Oil Filter Comparison Side by Side

    You are a brave brave man