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    Piston Rings for an XL600LMF / XR600

    Hi Guys, MotoSport took the order, confirmed it, then 2 days later I get a message saying "no loger available". Back to square one! I'll try Wiseco dealers in the UK, as the factory didn't reply to my request. I've seen RIK (Japanese) rings for stock size for sale, but again I don't know if they will fit stock piston.
  2. rw.engineering

    Piston Rings for an XL600LMF / XR600

    Hi Guys, Having searched more thoroughly I found a set at MOTOSPORT.com, in Tualatin, OR 97062 Bit pricey by the time they are DHL over the atlantic, but as it's for my wife's bike, worth every penny I hope! By the way," paint it black", can you recommend any dealers in the UK that are good for old XL / XR bits? Thanks again guys I've got a few other stupid questions if you're interested
  3. rw.engineering

    Piston Rings for an XL600LMF / XR600

    Hi Head Trauma, do you know where I could get the standard size rings from? Here in Europe we are told that Honda # 13010-MK2-305 is discontinued That appears to be a part which is common to 1985-87 XR600R Any ideas on where I could buy them would be great!
  4. rw.engineering

    Piston Rings for an XL600LMF / XR600

    Thanks guys, It appears that the XL600L part numbers are all identical to the XR600R, so I'm confident they fit. But whether the Wiseco rings are compatible with the Honda piston depends on the thickness. I've mailed Wiseco to ask for a spec. Fingers crossed. If I have to go to a complete piston kit, any advice on what manufacturer to use, I'm not looking for a high-performance race piston, just something of comparable quality to the Honda one?
  5. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum, so maybe this is a common question... It seems Honda have stopped making many of the parts for our '86 XL600 LMF, and I didn't realise until I'd stripped the motor for a freshen-up. Honed the bores, and ordered some new rings (for an XL600R -USA model, thinking they were the same) But it turns out I need the 97mm rings that are also used on the XR600 (Honda # 13010-MK2-305) No longer available! neither are the oversize pistons or rings. Any Ideas where I can get new rings to fit my std piston, or am I into an aftermaket piston kit? Any help greatfully recieved Cheers Richard