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  1. I bought a used DRC edge Tail Light and I'm trying to wire it to the old tail light wires. The old tail light was part of a street legal conversion kit for the klx 400 off ebay. What Im having a PROBLEM with is i can't get the brake light to shine when i hook it up. The brake light could possibly be stuck on to. when i hop up the old tail light it works fine and the brake light comes on and fine. Im wiring the two tai light the same way. Here are the pictures of what I'm trying to do. In the first picture you can see the old tail light and the new one. I cut the old tail light wires to solder to the new. in the second picture you can see where the tail light plugs in. and you can also see the tail light wires which are separate.
  2. supernick

    2004 kx 124 Clutch help!$

    Fixed it, I had put the cable back on without the second tension adjuster near the perch. Rookie mistake.
  3. supernick

    2004 kx 124 Clutch help!$

    I tipped the bike over and now the clutch lever is useless. I checked the cable and everything between the level and where the cable attaches inside the left side of the bike is fine. Is there something broken between the clutch basket and where the cable attaches? or could i have a broken pad or spring.
  4. supernick

    Kawasaki KX125 (2004)


    love the light weight, snappy easy to use power, and look of this bike. just a fun bike to blast berms with!!
  5. supernick

    Kawasaki KX125 2004

    love the light weight, snappy easy to use power, and look of this bike. just a fun bike to blast berms with!!
  6. Hi I have a 2004 kx 125 and I tipped my bike over and now the clutch is broke. The clutch lever is effortless to pull in and does not snap back out. I checked the clutch cable and it did not snap and is attaches to both ends. What could be the problem Thanks Nick
  7. Can I get my klx 400r plated in Vermont even though the certificate of origin says it was not manufactured for highway use?? I have all the requirements, dot tires, mirrors, lights, etc. Im just worried they wont let it get plated becuase it says not manyfactured for street use. Isnt the drz 400e the same as the sm and s but without the light kit and a few other things.?
  8. supernick


    I would but i dont have the ability to cut large amount of metal off the hubs or anything like that.
  9. supernick


    Sounds like a pain in the ass. I thought it was simply get the right kind and bolt on. WOuld WR or Honda supermoto wheel sets fit my drz 400? There alot of good deals on ebay for a complete front and rear supermoto wheels but they say WR or CRF or KTM. Would these bolt on?
  10. supernick


    Wondering if CRB 600 rims would fit on a 03 DRZ. Any CRB year in particular that would fit.? i want supermoto rims
  11. supernick

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    going to make supermoto soon, after i get it registered in vermont
  12. supernick

    WR450F Max hours on engine?

    Im about to buy a 2004 Wr450f and going to make it street legal. How many hours can be put on the enigine before it begins to show signs that it needs a rebuild? 50? 70? 90? let me know.
  13. supernick

    Motocycle Insurance!

    Thanks for the posts! Im going to get a quote from our insurance company. I think I will be able to pay for it myself. if its under $250 I can do it.