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  1. Supplanter57

    The riding game.

    Next challenge: your bike in or next to a Quarry. It can be retired or still in operation. I did some searching but could not find this topic. Hopefully I didn't miss it.
  2. Supplanter57

    The riding game.

    Does a speed "hump" count? It finally got above freezing in southeastern Pa. I am so ready for spring. Stand by for next challenge. I need to look back through and find something that hasn't been done.
  3. Was on my DR650 the other day and a kid(17y/o) comes up to me and asks if I'm looking for a sport bike. To which I say no, I just traded a GSXR on this and am out of the sport bike genre. His reply was "Oh, well I got a Ninja that I'm looking to upgrade from. It's a 500r. I'm looking at getting a zx1000 ninja (that was verbatim)." I got a quick little funny in there by saying "Yeah that's usually why people sell their ninjas, to upgrade." Which went completely over his head. He continues on with "Yeah, but I'm not sure about a 1 liter bike (look how smart I am, I know 1000cc's is 1 Liter) around here, you can't open it up without having to slow down for a corner right away." There was more garbage coming out of his mouth after this but I won't bore you with it. Plus I tuned most of it out. Ugh
  4. Supplanter57

    Help me choose what helmet to buy?

    Just bought an iCon Variant and love it. Very comfortable liner with moisture shield. Shield seals up well and vents allow great air flow when open, and none when closed. Got the clear finish with a smoked shield. Doesn't hurt that it looks pretty BA, too.