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  1. lfh87

    Trouble starting 2012 kx250f

    I think my throttle cable is out of alignment and it's messing with my tps. How do I check that?
  2. lfh87

    Can't start my kxf250

    I have been going around with a multimeter and checking the system, but you're right, without knowing the values it hasn't been helping much. So buying a manual would be a good start. Thanks for the help, I'll post the results later.
  3. lfh87

    Can't start my kxf250

    I took the fuel pump out and checked it, it's working and the filters good. I had it running but I had to give it throttle to start it again.
  4. lfh87

    Can't start my kxf250

    Ya I'm not to sure how or why it ended up in the 2-stroke forum and I'm not to sure how to change it. You are right about how I shouldn't have to play with the throttle to get the bike started, because it does flood the cylinder pretty quickly. My problem however is that I'm not getting any fuel to my engine right now and I'm not to sure why. As far as any recent maintance goes I've done all the work myself (only minor stuff) I did roll the bike, but it continued to run well so I kept riding it, it wasn't until I tried to go for another ride on a different day that I started having issues. Now I can't get the bike to start at all.
  5. lfh87

    Can't start my kxf250

    Hey guys, I own a 2012 KXF 250 with 30 hrs on it, I haven't had any real issues with it except now I can't kick it over without giving it throttle. I'm pretty sure it's a fuel issue, I'm just not to sure where to start looking for the problem. If it's my fuel injector, how would I check that? Or if it's my fuel pump do I just open it up and look at the diaphragm or is there a better way to test that?