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    Which year KYB SSS forks

    TBT Racing... tbtracing.com. They do the SSS conversion. Yes, the cartridges fit! Excellent option! Go to Vital mx, lot's of threads on this very subject. Two of my moto buddies, who did the conversion after many revalves, wish they would have gone to the SSS conversion initially. There both extremely happy with the conversion!!!
  2. Larry247, I'm using the shock off my 13 that I had. YHGEORGE, I never really had to deal much with nervousness, once I got the chassis balanced. Ride Engineering lowering link, with the full knuckle assembly. Then backed out the high speed compression on the shock, and then lowered my forks to flush position in the triple clamps. Bike is on rails, and really stable!
  3. Same^^^ I put a set of 2014 CRF250 spring Showas, on my 2013 CRF450, couldn't be happier! Front end tracks, and holds ruts better. I had my PSF1 air working pretty good, just got tired of checking air pressure after a year and a half. No head shake, no busyness down fast straights, just works great with the Showa springers!