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  1. if you know how to ride and know that you let off the throttle all the way before shifting (being you are at the right RPMs) you can shift without the clutch. i only use the clutch when im starting and stopping, and when im going through tight stuff or up hills. when you aren't putting load on the gears than shifting is no problem with or without. so when it comes down to it. if you don't know what RPMs and when to let off the throttle you should use the clutch otherwise it doesn't matter.
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    Hey guys first time posting on here so i hope i get some good advice i was taking the top end apart from my 2003 cr250r and when taking the head nuts off all came out good except one. it unscrewed the entire bolt out of the cylinder and i cant get the nut off i tried getting vice grips on it and using nuts off but nothing works what should i do? i cant get the gasket off until i can get the nut off the bolt. another thing is. my piston moves side to side on the rod about 3/4 of an inch like left to right is this normal or is this the reason it was knocking? and if so how do i fix it? thanks guys! -Jes This post has been promoted to a wiki