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  1. My 2012 wr450 with only 1200km started running funny tonight, soft on power in the top end. Stopped riding cleaned the filter, set the chain and fueled up. Went for a rip, some torque seems gone , it's cracking and popping (rich)and the top end is 10 km lower, feels soft. Then it stalled twice low speed in first gear? Valves?
  2. Greyforsyth

    2012 wr450, what mods next?

    I trail a lot and it's really fantastic as an hard core trail bike. But I also ride in the sand and it lacks there, I am 270 pounds , she works hard!! It's been remapped and has a pipe.
  3. Greyforsyth

    2012 wr450, what mods next?

    I own a 2012 wr 450, love it. It got a Fmf pipe and tune when I purchased it. Now I want more power, I am a big guy and love to go fast. Advice? Big bore? Cam, header and tune?