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  1. No dude...touché is touché...too shay would be the way that it is pronounced but not the spelling !
  2. Could you please locate this thread for me? Btw this is a CA thread...not Mexico...
  3. Why does everyone around here say to take it easy? No ones upset. I said Jesus Christ to the fact that no one could figure out the definition or use of a word when it's posted right there. This feels like talking to 3 year olds. These TT forums are frustrating to me. I thought they'd be a lot cooler. Oh well.
  4. Yep, it's used correctly...it means to acknowledge a remark... i.e. I asked if u were allowed to be on the PCT and uber said...ya if u want to get arrested...so I said touché ...it's a pretty common remark used mostly in a somewhat comical way
  5. Nah straight GA accent but it's sorta dwindled since I moved to CA...has anyone never heard touché before?
  6. Man I'm from Georgia! I'm as Merican as they come! Where do u live uber? Says ur 27 and in california...me too
  7. Nah I just meant this.... I don't wanna be in handcuffs! I moved from GA a few yrs ago and it's so easy to ride out there compared to CA..,so handcuffs doesn't sound too fun...they patrol with helicopters I assume...
  8. No ones butt hurt but u jeff, stop whinin!
  9. Are you allowed I ride on the PCT??
  10. What's the definition of an internet troll?, "bolt"?
  11. Verdugo* ...not version... You live in LA?
  12. @jcarlson ...started in mount washington...northeast LA...took version to the 2 and got off a dirt ride about 20 miles in