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  1. theseadog

    air filter choice K&N or a Foam filter

    I recently replaced my K&N with a TwinAir and noticed no drop-off at all in performance. Thats what I'll be sticking with. I am now in the habit of cleaning it every oil change... The PJ1 spray-on cleaner and spray-on oil make it easy. Some smart guys on here recommended them
  2. theseadog

    Will this work for repacking Yosh RS3?

    Thanks... Sounds like good advice. I'll do it! Yep, it just isn't the same bike without that beautiful red, white and black!
  3. theseadog

    Will this work for repacking Yosh RS3?

    Thanks Burned! I'll get one on the way pronto.
  4. Yoshimura - Muffler Repack blanket: http://www.ripperracing.com/mall/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=28&products_id=595 My DRZ RS3 is getting a little raspy, so I did a search for a repack kit and found this. Yes, I know its a quad site... The description doesnt say which model Yosh its for... but if it would work, this "blanket" style sure looks like it would be a lot less messy than the "fluffy" kind.... I can't seem to get an answer directly from Yosh about anything Thanks guys!
  5. theseadog

    Yosh TEC small 93db insert

    Good idea BM... If I dont find any sellers I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
  6. theseadog

    Yosh TEC small 93db insert

    I lost mine Is there anybody out there with an old style small TEC insert for the RS-3 that would like to sell it? I can't find them new anywhere anymore. I have the new style 96db insert, but need the 93db one to pass sound check in a riding area I frequent. Name your price, and I will throw in the new style insert to boot if you want it... If you know of any place that still has them for sale, that would be helpful too! Thanks in advance!
  7. theseadog


    The consensus here is that 14/47 is the ticket for mostly off-road... I personally ride more on the freeway so I run 15/45 which keeps the revs down, switching to a 14 when I need a little more tractor action. Works well for me!
  8. theseadog

    Changing my front sprocket tommorow.

    Mine was definetly was torqued to more than 15 lbs from the factory... It took a pretty good yank to pop it loose, and that was after 9300 miles. I'm thinking if yours was that loose, it happened over time. I re-tightened to the 79 ft/lbs (or whatever it was the manual said... I forget now...), used the locktite as has been suggested here, bent the washer, and can sleep at night knowing its not coming loose until the next time I want it too... Oh, I found the 30mm socket at an auto-parts store (Knechts) for under $3... works great!
  9. I just got one of these today... works great! http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=31779
  10. theseadog

    Rear tire size option - How big will fit?

    I know you say primarily sandy terrain, so my observations may be moot for you... I went from a 120 to a 140 recently. On the street, it felt like I was dragging a boat anchor Went to a 130 (Dunlop) and felt much better.
  11. theseadog

    HELP! Wrong REGINA chain?

    Thanks for the information MT... Looks like my weekend project is back on
  12. theseadog

    HELP! Wrong REGINA chain?

    Hey guys... I need some info. I just bought a Regina 520 ORN chain for my "S" after the stock one has streched beyond limits (9500 miles, so no complaints there). It was on closeout from R.M. Got it today. Sitting here at work, I see on the box it says "MAX 250 c.c.". next to a picture of a street bike. Is this chain simply too wimpy for the mighty Z? I thought I read somewhere that while not as beefy as the ORS model chain, it was fine for bikes up to 650 c.c. If one of the Three (plus) Wisemen on this forum give me a I will be a happy guy! Thanks in advance.
  13. theseadog

    How satisfied are you with a larger capacity tank?

    Mine said 3.1 also, and it was the 3.2 (a bit over, actually)... I think R.M. says that just to cover their behinds as some have reported the 3.2 holding a bit less.
  14. theseadog

    How satisfied are you with a larger capacity tank?

    I love my IMS 3.2... fits great (no seat or choke problems), looks great, and I don't hit reserve now until 140 miles, 170 miles total range. I would recommend going with Rocky Mountain (as you can see before you order it if its in stock... Trust me, its the pits waiting several months to get one thats on backorder) or the TT Store (just because its the right thing to do and they have such great service!). Both have free shipping (at least they used to...), Rocky Mountain has it at that same price and TT will match to it. Oh, as for the fit problems many have had... I think the newer molds/hardware must address these as everything fit great with no modifications needed
  15. theseadog

    Pisssed at IMS

    Maybe I'm just lucky, but my 3.2 fits great, looks great (ok, the seams are little rough, but no one would ever notice if they werent touching it), and it holds OVER 3.2 gallons (just filled up today just after hitting reserve and it took 3.1 gals... 144 miles!!! I only used to get 85 miles or so before reserve with the stock tank, so this is a huge ). I have also found IMS customer service to be outstanding. The only problem I had was a long backorder on the Y3 color, but other than that I couldnt be more pleased. I know this is an old thread, but I felt like I should throw a vote of support to IMS as I found them to be first-rate. Oh, after I got the tank, I threw a set of the IMS Pro Pegs on.... Life is good! -Rob