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  1. How were the late 90s for Japanese 125s? I'm lookin at kx that looks decent just wanna know how well built these years were
  2. Coletrain

    My 97 rm125 will not start please help

    When it gets bump started it runs fine but will not start
  3. Who rides one in the woods or has before? Are they good bad? I'm bigger and itd be a little bike to mess around on
  4. Coletrain

    Kx250 1989?? No Bottom End Please Help

    A flywheel weight would help but that could limit performance in your top end I believe. It'd be good for trail rides
  5. Coletrain

    Cold starting my kx250 ?

    Carb wasn't that dirty actually. But the throttle stop screw is missing...
  6. Coletrain

    Cold starting my kx250 ?

    Best way to clean a carb? Tools techniques?
  7. Newer top end, new spark plug, new clutch, clean air filter, clean carb, new oil. Could this be an electrical issue where it's not getting enough spark? I did test for spark but idk if you need a certain amount
  8. Coletrain

    Cold starting my kx250 ?

    Do you guys gave tricks to cold starting or is my bike just a piece? New spark plug newer top end. An oil change? Warm it up from a pop start?
  9. Coletrain

    2000 yz250 should I get it?

    Ok thanks guys I'll just pass on the bike doesn't seem worth it
  10. Coletrain

    2000 yz250 should I get it?

    I'll check these things out. My bike is worth around 1500 more or less to some people. Looking at the pics the frame looks decent plastics good. Engine somewhat clean. Small oil stains on the ground. I'll tell the guy the bike better be right and if he has the confidence to bring it an hour drive to me then he won't be wasting his time to bullshit me
  11. Coletrain

    2000 yz250 should I get it?

    Ok this helps. The guy mentioned the top end is good and cylinder is ok still a 250 no bore. I would be straight trading my klx140 no cash involved.
  12. Coletrain

    2000 yz250 should I get it?

    Needs a new jug top head gasket. What else could be potentialy wrong with it because of this and what's a fair offer?
  13. Coletrain

    Kx250f in the woods

    Who has one that they use for mostly trail riding? What do you like and don't like. Would a 450f be better?
  14. Coletrain

    250f or 450f MXer for trail riding?

    Euro bikes can be a handful but yes great performance but not in my budget. I have a 1990 kx250 already so I dont really another same size. 450x crf? 250x?
  15. I'm debating both sizes and want some extra opinions. I'm 180lbs 5 10 with decent bike experience. I can handle a 250 2t but not mastered one. I'd be doing state trails (rocks mud tight wide smooth some road connection) I also have $2k to spend. What brands? Mods to look for? Good years bad years or maybe a totally different type of bike in general? Appreciate anything thanks