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  1. I had a Schakter 6 TPF ( really really bad news), so your mileage may vary. I didn't get any weight bearing at all for 8 weeks, not that I could have if I'd wanted to. WAY too much pain! I had no casting, just not allowed to use my leg. I had to do a lot of PT to keep my muscles, tendons and ligaments from seizing up, even when it was using a towel to manipulate my leg instead of activating the muscles. Despite having 5 individual fractures, I had no soft tissue damage, which my surgeon looked for prior to surgery using an MRI as well as a CT scan. I had to be under general anesthesia before they could manipulate my leg enough to run either diagnostic imaging. I couldn't handle any moving of my leg at all.
  2. This week I have my 6 week follow-up from surgery #2. I had my plate and screws removed after 15 months of 24/7 what felt like shin splints and feeling like my tibia was trying to bend in the middle. Already, I have significantly less pain with the hardware out. I only have muscle fatigue from not doing anything for over a year, but my bone doesn't hurt anymore. Hopefully this summer, I can tackle the PTSD from the initial injury and get back to riding without pain!
  3. We found a decent deal on a TTR90 and bought it. He's been on it all summer, and is happy with it. I expect that he'll be on my TTR125 by 11. I was thrilled to move my 5 yo off the PW50 and onto the TTR50 the same summer, so I was able to sell the PW50 to offset the cost of the 90!
  4. I'm 10 months out and limping again. Going to bed with an ice pack on my leg. I have to wear a compression sleeve from my ankle to mid-thigh. I'm not sleeping because it hurts and I can't get comfortable. It even hurts in my shin, where the plate ends. I see the surgeon in October to discuss taking the plate out. Honestly, this has taken all the fun out of riding for me.
  5. Man, that stinks! I hope the second opinion doctor can get you up and walking!
  6. I bought the Asterisk Cyto Cell....then rode over the weekend. I got up to third gear, but it took me three days.:-)
  7. Doc said my xray looks great and I'm fully healed,despite my fall over the weekend. She cleared me to resume all of my normal activities with the caveat that I need to rebuild strength before doing anything big.
  8. Isn't that popping unnerving? Grosses me out!I primarily wear a brace when I know I'm doing something that will aggravate it, like going to the gym or walking around all day. My surgeon and PT told me not to wear one at all, but it still needs support sometimes. I'm thinking of investing in soccer cleats for yard shoes. With my kids tearing up the grass with their bikes and the perpetual PNW rain, it's always a slop pit out there. My knee is stiff today, but it doesn't hurt. My husband suggested maybe I have a screw loose, but I'm not sure he was talking about my leg.
  9. My surgeon is only in clinic on Wednesdays, but I will be calling in the morning. They may have someone on another team see me.
  10. We borrowed my sister in law's TTR90 and he's rocking it. It's a little big for him and it's tearing the yard up more, but he's pretty happy and confident on it. We'll probably stick with it this summer at least since she's not riding it much, and she can ride my TTR125 if she wants to since I'm not allowed to ride until my leg heals completely.
  11. It's a bit swollen, but no funny angles that weren't there before. I have pain at the end of my plate, approximately like shin splints. It does that anytime I push it harder that I ought to. I know I pulled things when I plopped my weight down on my crumpled leg because my hip flexors and ankle soft tissue are a little grumpy. Judging by the mud marks on my pants, my right foot ended up under my left knee. I'm RICE-ing today and not walking more than I have to. I'll probably call the surgeon's office tomorrow if it's still swollen or hurts, but they'll just tell me to RICE and come in on Wednesday.
  12. I just slipped in mud in my yard. My right leg (the one I broke) crumpled under me when my left foot slid about a foot in sloppy mud. I ended up with my right foot under my butt, flat on my back. Then at dinner, my right leg popped loudly and painfully and now I can't bend it to 90° anymore. This is just not cool. I have an appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday anyway. Sigh.
  13. I had five fractures...apparently I don't do anything half heartedly. One horizontal fracture, and four vertical fractures going down to the horizontal one. Good times. When the first surgeon who looks at your x-rays says, "I'm not touching you. I'm sending you to someone who can hopefully allow you to walk again. I'm not sure I can fix this in a way that will allow you to walk again," it's discouraging. When the surgeon at the regional trauma center looks at your x-ray and says, "I think I can fix this, but there's a chance you may not walk again," you just want to cry. Well, you would want to cry if you had any idea what her words meant. Dilaudid prevented the nature of her words from truly sinking in.
  14. Work on just sliding your foot toward to and away while sitting on the bed. A lot of my initial PT was literally just moving it with support. Sliding it on the floor with a towel that I pulled with my hand. Having my husband straighten and bend it while I laid on my back. Just moving it through the tolerated range of motion. Then icing it till it hurt. My surgeon had me start PT three weeks post-op, before my stitches even came out. I went in twice a week for two months, then once a week for two months, now I've moved to every two weeks. Stairs and hills are tricky. When I attempt to run, I look like a chicken. And then it hurts. I may or may not be incredibly stubborn and determined to go against everything the surgeon says though, so I may or may not push it harder than maybe I ought to. Oct 6 2013: Schakter VI TPF Oct 7 2013: With 8" of titanium and 13 screws
  15. He's been riding two years this summer and looks a little silly on his TTR50. It is too small for him at this point. He's 4'2", about 55 lbs and all leg! He can sit flat footed on my sister in law's TTR90, and he can hold it up but probably not pick it up. He can pick his 50 up. I'm over Yamaha bikes. I'm not happy with the suspension or gearing on my TTR125. He can't shift the stiff shifter on his 50 and rides in 2nd pretty much all the time. My husband love his KTM, and naturally the boys want what Daddy has. We're not a brand-loyal family, and are open to whatever bike is affordable, reliable and will meet his needs. I just want a good next step that will last him 2-3 years before moving my younger son onto it. We'd buy used. We ride trails in the PNW, with no interest in racing or riding tracks. Weekends we don't get out to the trails, he rides in the yard. All day.