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  1. Wingtipsdown

    2002 yz250f for son

    I don't know much about this bike. My son can ride a crf150 and 230f without any problems. I was thinking this bike might be the ticket. He likes to jump (no motocross though) and ride in the woods. Is this a good combo for him. He is 14 yrs old, 150 lbs. I'm kinda leaning towards this more than a 230f because it looks like better suspension for sure. Is it a reliable old faithful bike or high maintenance? Is it a good woods bike? Or, too much bike? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Wingtipsdown

    Bent Something in Front End?

    Accumulation of everything contributes, but most will be the fork tubes.
  3. Wingtipsdown

    Bent Something in Front End?

    Kunkle, Might be able to help you this time. It sounds like things were just out of alignment. No big deal... I used to see this from time to time wrecking during hare scrambles. Pull the bike up to the side of a tree and turn the wheel into the tree and simply twist the mis-alignment back straight. I've seen many other guys do the same. If your running a fork brace, that will actually hold it mis-aligned. I had the XR600 back in the day with all the goodies on it. but when I crashed it was a lot of weight hitting the ground. Actually twisted things quit often. Never any problems - check the bolts from time to time. Good luck, that seems like what happened to you.
  4. Wingtipsdown

    crf230f jetting

    thx Dillinger_Z71
  5. Wingtipsdown

    crf230f jetting

    I'll check that out thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.
  6. Wingtipsdown

    crf230f jetting

    Thanks kunkle. I'll still add an aftermarket air filter though. I just got back into this after 7-8 yrs of being away. 48 yrs old now. Back in the day - I only had 1 bike to spend money on - now it's 3. Having a blast though. In the old days, I replaced everything with all aftermarket. Filters, jets, header, pipe. I would like to add horse power, but not all the bells and whistles. Probably not that much different. One thing I learned years ago. You can build the dragster, but you still have to ride it that fast. Looking back, I was decent B rider, but couldn't make the bike perform to the full potential to the way I had it set up anyway. I have 2 rear springs on back order and once we install them, on to the fork springs. After that - the boys are on their own. If they want it - they will have to save and buy it. I'll help with the regular maintenance. PS: I bought my 98 KTM 250SX back from the guy I sold it to 7-8 yrs ago. The bike is still set up for me and he only ran 2 tanks of gas through the bike. I figure - once the boys are ready to go fast, I'll let them jump on mine.
  7. Wingtipsdown

    crf230f jetting

    Found this in the 2009 post. http://www.rickramse...CRF230Fcarb.htm Can we richen up and keep the baffle in the exhaust? 120? 45?
  8. Wingtipsdown

    crf230f jetting

    I have been reading here and there, but it seems that I mostly come across the power up topics of doing everything. My boys both have 230 f's: We would like to keep stock exhaust, new air filter, remove some of the air box. What would I need to do to the carb for what is listed. I'm in KY. Thanks...