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  1. BGingrich

    dr200se suspension upgrade idea

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1024888-engine-performance-increases-on-dr200/?view=findpost&p=10886678&hl=%2Bsuzuki+%2Bdr200 Terminatr - Take time to check out this thread. This DR200 owner did some great upgrades to the front and rear suspension. I have followed up with this person, and they told me they have a few thousand miles on the bike since the upgrades, and are real happy with the improvement. I am in the process of making the same mods to my 2013. Can't wait to git'er done and hit the trails in 2014.Nothing like a small sized, reliable, and lightweight bike for backwoods riding.
  2. BGingrich

    dr200 front forks.

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1024888-engine-performance-increases-on-dr200/#entry10872679 Try this. If it doesn't work, scroll down to page 2 and look for the title "Engine Performance Increases on DR200"
  3. BGingrich

    Dr 200 - Heads Up If Installing Handguards

    I'll say! Not sure if just the ends of the bars, or the whole bars. They were hoping to drill through after an inch, but were in over 2" to fit the anchors and still solid. Caught us all by surprise and put a hurting to my budget. Their thinking is Suzuki may have gone with a solid bar or partially solid bar to help reduce vibration at highway speeds.
  4. BGingrich

    Dr 200 - Heads Up If Installing Handguards

    Bought a set of Cycla Probend CRM handguards and had my shop install them on my 2013 Suzuki DR 200. Turns out the stock handle bars are solid and needed drilled out. Considering the time it took to drill them and install the guards, a new set of hollow type handlebars would have made the install allot simpler and cost about the same. End result is great, the handguards fit and look good.
  5. BGingrich

    dr200 front forks.

    Engine Performance Increases on DR200 Started by dorito, May 15 2013 09:24 PM Check this thread, below. Some good info about suspension upgrades for DR200.
  6. 56 years old, and a little more careful than I used to be - For trail riding I wear - full face helmet - eye protection - boots - a mesh riding jacket with elbow, shoulder and back pads - mesh riding pants with knee, hip and tail bone pads, also with leather heat shield panels on the inside of the legs. I like the mesh, it's cool in the summer, and can layer up underneath to stay warm in the cold weather. Gloves and chest protector are a good idea too, although I don't wear them.
  7. BGingrich

    Whats your preferred front tire?

    Am riding terrain similar to yours, some rocky, some dirt trails, a little mud and a little loose pack. I put the IRC brand GP-1 on front and rear this year, and am liking them allot. Both front and rear hook up great in most conditions, except the rear is weak in mud 6" deep or more. They are great on the rocky trails. I am still experimenting with air pressures. I am liking them better with mid teens to 20 psi..
  8. These are some good ideas. Thanks. I am going to remove and stash my right hand mirror, and washer and BLUE locktite the left one, then take it off and on. I like a decent mirror for the street, too many careless and distracted 4 wheelers who I need to keep an eye on. But for off road, they have got to go. Let alone the issues with trees and brush, or falling, I can ride faster without them, it improves my confidence with the unobstructed line of site.
  9. I am riding a dual sport (Suzuki DR200). I would like to remove my mirrors every time I ride off-road, and replace them when I am heading back to the street. Would be a once per week deal. Anyone doing this? Can you tell me if the nuts and threads will hold up if I am careful about this? I don't want to end up with loosey goosey mirrors, or have to buy new ones too often.
  10. BGingrich

    Engine Performance Increases on DR200

    Thanks for the details and the pics. It looks like you are heading towards having a real cool one of a kind DR200. I just got back into riding after a long break. I like a street legal dual sport , because it's an easy 15 minute ride from my house to some great mountain trail riding. I used to ride small bore 2 strokes, I liked the light weight and the ease of whipping them around on the deer trails. I was really bummed to have to buy a 4 stroke. After looking at everything under the sun, I was tempted to go high end with a KTM350 or a Husky 310. I ended up buying a 2013 Suzuki DR200 because I like the light weight, low seat ht., the big gas tank, and the simplicity. I have to admit I like the 4 stroke torque and low end power allot, I am starting to like it more than my 2 strokes. I can run her so slow she's almost bogged out, then twist the wick and climb right up a steep hill....cool! I have only been back in the saddle a few months, and am still trying to learn what I like and what I want to improve. I knew beforehand that there is not much in the way of readily available performance upgrades for the DR200. So far I installed an FMF Quad 4 without any carb mods, went to IRC GP-1 tires and threw on a Ricochet skid plate. Got a nice little boost in low and mid range torque, the tires hook up much better than the OEMs, and the skid plate has saved my engine case more than once....all good. I am trying to figure out what I think about the suspension. I have not bottomed her out yet, and have had no traction issues, but most of my riding has been under 20mph. Lots of rocky terrain, giving it a good workout. Been experimenting with air pressures in the tires to see what works best. I'd like to put a bigger front sprocket on to get a few more highway mph, but don't want to lose any low end, so have held off for now. Lots to think about. Plenty of time to figure it out. Thanks again for taking time to go through your suspension mods. I really like what you did.
  11. BGingrich

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    DR200 is a fun mountain bike! A good hill climber, easy to handle on tight trails. Always a good time!
  12. BGingrich

    Engine Performance Increases on DR200

    I don't know the answer to your question - but I am curious about the suspension mods you made. What products did you install, and what are the ride improvements that you gained?
  13. BGingrich

    2000 DR200

    I wanted to get back into riding after a long break. I wanted a bike that would be (1st priority) capable and fun to ride in the mountains (2nd priority) fun to ride around town and on back roads. I took my time, spent more than a year. l looked at all brands and at all sizes. I narrowed it down to wanting a very simple and reliable bike, as light weight as possible and with a large gas tank. I ended up with the Suzuki DR200, and am happy with my choice. I am 6' and 170lbs. Pros: -Light. 278lb gassed up. -Reliable. Among the best in reliability. -3.5 gallon tank. At 80 plus mpg, can ride almost 300 miles before looking for gas. -Simple. No radiator to maintain, no fuel injection to maintain. -Low seat height - really makes a difference when riding the tight stuff (mountains) -Very good low and mid range power. Quick little bike. Cons -55 mph is about it. Will go to 70, but takes a while, not safe to pass above 55. Too light to be safe at 65mph and above. - Although it has pegs and handgrips for a passenger, I would consider it unsafe for anything other than a spin around the block. $2,000 is the going price around here for a cherry dr200 with low miles. Suzuki has zero interest 5 year loan going now, that's why I bought new. The bike is a blast to ride! Easy to handle, easy to load into a pickup. I added an FMF Q-4 muffler and put IRC GP-1 (50/50 class) tires. Makes for a little more power, a lot beter sound, and much better road and trail grip than the stock Trail Wing tires. All of the above advice is right on. All of the bikes mentioned are great choices. You simply need to think through your needs, then read specs and go test ride bikes to choose the one that best stuis your tastes. Good luck!