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    Clutch Drags

    Hey here's the deal I recently replaced my kick axle assembly on my 2001 yz 125 i didnt change or touch anything on the clutch besides removing the cable i re assembled everything like the manual told me however when i started the bike everything seemed fine except when riding around i noticed that the clutch when i pull it in doesnt fully disengage the engine from propelling the bike forward. Only at high rpms does the clutch actually fully engage and the bike stops accelerating. Only at low rpms does the bike want to move when the clutch is pulled in, except when the bike is stationary is only begins to lurch forward when the rpms are really low (its about to cut out) I changed the oil from whatever the previous owner had in it to 80w Bel-Ray Gear Saver idk if this is a problem as the temperature im riding at is around 25 Celsius or 80 Fahrenheit i have tried adjusting the clutch cable in many ways fooled around with it for like 5 hours, but im new to MX and dirt bikes so i only have a general idea of whats going on The clutch and clutch action worked completely fine before i replaced my kick axle assembly the only thing i fooled around with was the clutch cable and changed the oil thats the only 2 problems i can think of. let me know anything that could be of help thanks in advance Connor
  2. Connor5273

    Replacing Kick Axle Assembly

    hey guys i just got a replacement kick axle assembly for my 01 yz 125 and i was looking into replacing it and i was wondering if i can just take the right crank case cover off without removing the clutch cover and disassembling the clutch i was wondering if i could just unbolt the crank case cover and pull the whole thing including the clutch off to get at the kick axle assembly lets me know Thanks in advance Connor
  3. hey guys, new to the forum so if the thread is in the wrong places sorry, however just got on my yz 125 after 4 weeks of not riding it go to kick it over and the kick axle sheered so im looking to buy a new axle and was wondering if a 1998 kick axle assembly will work on my 2001 yz 125 it looks the same but im not completely sure heres the new one im looking to buy http://www.ebay.ca/itm/1998-Yamaha-Motorcycle-Kick-Axel-Assembly-YZ-125-1LX-15660-03-00-/140973016570?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20d2a585fa&vxp=mtr&_uhb=1 thanks in advance Connor