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    The KTM 200 Club

    Got a little issue...did a leak down test on my 200 engine. Found an air leak at the cylinder base gasket on the side of the carb....new gasket on...test again...same problem...do you think the mating surfaces have warped? Or is it a possible leak where the left and right engine cases mate at the point where the cylinder sits on top....I would rather not disassemble the engine
  2. truebluefoo

    KTM 200 leak down test

    OK I'm new to this stuff....trying to run some preliminary tests...got the tester stuck in the carb boot. The exhaust plugged....do I put the piston in TDC or BDC. And how do I do that? Do I have to take the top of the cylinder off?
  3. I've recently picked up a 97 jackpiner 200. I'm new to tuning dirt bikes. The bike's engine is brand new and I believe it is all stock, however I'd like to get some feedback on where to start or maybe a point in the right direction. I want to jet the carb correctly. I ride at approx. 1000-5000 ft above sea level. I also plan to mix 40:1 premium gas from Chevron lol if that's legit. Any help or ideas on what size needles and jets to use. Any advice would be great. Thanks.