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  1. Never mind. It's not too rich, it's running lean because it's - 40 c outside. Runs great in a heated shop haha. Thanks to everyone who contributed advice.
  2. I also removed the snorkel
  3. Update. I bought the factory pro jet kit and installed it with an eBay gasket kit. I went with 55-158 and the needle on the top notch. My mixture screw is only 1/2 open and it's still too rich. What I really don't get is how it's rich. Formerly it was 58-160 and seemed to run good. Will moving the needle up help? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll do just that
  5. The previous owner ran purple in it so I'm guessing it's gummed up. Taking it apart, cleaning it, and replacing jets should get all of it out. There's purple residue all over the outside bottom of the carb so I'm guessing I need some gaskets. I just want to replace anything that might need it while I have it apart.
  6. Thanks will do
  7. Sorry if this has been covered. I can't find it specifically. I want to do dave's mods on my xr650l and I could use some jetting recommendations. I'm at 1340ft, will be removing snorkel, changing to uni filter, and stock exhaust. I also will be rebuilding my carb. Is there a good kit to do all this? Thanks
  8. Brandon Manitoba here!
  9. Manitoba

    I'm from brandon and have an xr650l. I haven't really ridden any trails but I'd like to
  10. My first experience with a motorcycle was also my most embarrassing so far. I was 10ish and my friend had gotten a small Chinese bike. I took it out for a short run on a gravel road and turned around. When I came back I panicked at his driveway and drove it straight off his approach. Bike was okay but I got an ear full from his mom.
  11. What headlight is that? Looks really good?
  12. Here's my pig. 1993 xr650l the day I got it. All stock 20k on it. Planning to rebuild the carb with dave's mods, do hotcam, and cam chain/tensioner this winter.
  13. Bit of an update. Its still stalling. I must have not warmed it up enough when I tested it. I have to have the idle screw maxed for it to stay running, and it backfires a lot. Must be rich. Any tips on getting the pilot screw turned a bit. Its a really weird angle, and I can't get it to turn. Am I missing something?
  14. Nevermind. Found them in the manual. Turned the idle adjustment knob about 3/8 of a turn and now it works perfectly. Thanks for the info
  15. Thanks for the replies but unfortunately I'm a complete noob. Can you post pictures of this idle knob and the idle screw? I don't think the choke cable is the problem because as I move it through its range the rpms do change accordingly. Thanks