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  1. eviltwin125

    Tampa Bay area riders

    Good to know there's a decent amount of people around my area. I know this thread hasn't had a reply in a while but I'm a new rider who lives in Tarpon and it would be nice to find someone folks to ride with one day. I plan on making a trip up to Croom August 10th (Unfortunately I have no time to ride during the week).
  2. eviltwin125

    Why does anyone ride a 4 stroke

    I have limited riding experience but I can understand why someone may choose one over the other (different strokes for different folks?) I went with a 4 stroke mostly because it was in my price range, smoother, easier to handle but I am not opposed to a 2 stroke. On that note, I say, who cares as long as you ride, right?
  3. eviltwin125

    What bikes do you ladies ride?

    It's always awesome to be reminded that there are female riders out there! Now, if only there were some in my area. I just bought my bike a month ago -- an '01 Yamaha TT-R 125L. I'm enjoying it but dreading the moment I outgrow it; 26" inseam here.