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  1. GasMixer44

    Fires, but won't run

    If its getting air, spark and fuel my guess would be to check the timing Check the vehicle down sensor if you took it off, that will stop it from running if its upside down
  2. GasMixer44

    2017 Kx250f fork leak

    The seal was probably shot before you used that tool. Refilling them wouldnt be effective because you dont know how much oil was lost. I would just replace them with OEM, I got 140 hrs on my stock seals before the left one went.
  3. GasMixer44

    2018 KX250F hard to start

    If they are at the lowest tolerance that would be your issue. I dont know the specs for the current model but the previous calls for .10-.15mm for the intake and .17-.23mm for exhaust. Shim to the greater end (more clearance). Bike should fire right up
  4. GasMixer44

    Bike fell over in the dirt - several issues now

    If the clutch is still acting up, it wouldnt be a bad idea to check the plates, could still be original.
  5. GasMixer44

    Refurbishing gouge in aluminum frame

    Stickers on the swingarm 🤫
  6. GasMixer44

    2001 KX250 1st time valving

    So the caliper I ordered finally arrived and I began building the shim stacks. I realized quickly that something was wrong because the gold valve kit I bought didn't have any 40mm shims that the DVS called for. I called RT and their support was great, he sounded surprised that I didn't have the right shims, took the part number from me and said that kit has been discontinued for years and he needed the book 🤣. He gave me the correct specs and I had no issues from there. Without measuring the old shims, it looks like the compression isn't changed too much, but the rebound is slowed down. I think I'll measure just to see how different the two are. I'm planning on tearing into the forks once I get the shock sorted out.
  7. GasMixer44

    2001 KX250 1st time valving

    Thanks for the response. When the shop re valved the forks they put in springs of an unknown rate off an XR 650 I believe. I think I should go back to the correct spring rate and mess with the clickers before valving. I got the DVS for the shock, just waiting to get a good caliper to measure the shims. Will update once I get it put back together.
  8. GasMixer44

    06 kx250 jetting

  9. So after blowing and replacing a fork seal on my '16 250f, I went to ride my 01 and found a puddle of shock fluid under the bike after I moved it to load it up to go ride. I went to the shop to order the seal, and i purchased a Gold Valve kit theyve had on the wall for a long time. I had the forks re valved a few seasons ago but never messed with the shock. The shop told me that they made a 2 stage stack on the compression side (I Believe) to help with bottoming resistance, but I never had the shock re valved to match. I have spent all last season on the 250f, and have started to run the 2t again and know it could be better. I have it sprung for my weight and have messed with the clickers to get it to where it feels ok, but the forks feels super stiff, especially going into braking bumps and square edge bumps. The shock kicks going through those conditions, but doesnt swap. I have the max oil level in the forks, I will play with the clickers on them to see if i can sort out the stiffness. Anyway, I just want some feedback on the gold valve plus how well the DVS works. Anything to look out for, things to try/troubleshoot while riding? Should I get the matching gold valve kit for the front?
  10. GasMixer44

    KX250f vs FC250....need some input

    15hrs total and already a new top end throws up a red flag, at least for me anyway. Bike could be roached, sounds like it was a race bike. It's hard to say this because I'm a kawi guy but the husky sounds like it might be a better investment
  11. GasMixer44

    09 kx250f forks bottoming out on jumps

    I could be wrong, but I feel we may be experiencing the same issue. My 01 is sprung probably a little stiffer than it should be, and it re-valved. I wanted to stop it from bottoming out on what seemed like everything. In turn, it actually feels too stiff to where big landings and hits feel smooth, but small chop and landings feel very hard (bottoming sensation). You shouldn't have to max out compression to get it to hold up. What I've been doing is playing with the clickers, less compression seems to help with this issue. Another thing to try is to add oil to the max ammount, this will help the fork hold up in the last part of the stroke. Those are just some things I've played with on my bikes. If you still have issues after its rebuilt, you might want to look in to getting it re-valved
  12. GasMixer44

    Rm125 clutch problems

    Glad you fixed the clutch. If its leaking black oil out the muffler then that's definitely a jetting issue. As far as the knocking, could be bad gas or piston slap
  13. GasMixer44

    Rm125 clutch problems

    When you say theres oil everywhere, is it a thick, jet black oil? This sounds like it is running way rich for spooge to be coating the entire bike. I would clean the carb thoroughly, get a fresh spark plug and air filter, fresh gas, then look into troubleshooting the jetting. 125s are ment to be revved out and ridden hard, as long as its not held revved out at max rpm for more than a few seconds it shouldnt blow up. As far as your clutch lever being loose, adjust it so there is about 2-3mm gap between the perch and the lever. If it cannot be adjusted by the barrel on the handelbar, you will have to back out the adjusters on the cable. Use the cable to get it close, then use the barrel to dial in. Hope that helps, I can send some pictures is needed
  14. GasMixer44

    How to convert a bike from racing fuel to regular

    I could be wrong but I've never seen a high comp piston for a 2t. What he probably did is send it out to cut the head and get port work done to so e degree. If hes running 50/50, you might be ok with running 91 or whatever is available to you. I would ask who did the work and if you can run pump gas. But as mentioned above, a new head and gaskets can bring it back to stock specs, the only way to undo the supposed port work is a new cylinder, but that shouldn't raise compression to the point of needing race gas. Sorry for the novel, hope that helps
  15. GasMixer44

    09 kx250f forks bottoming out on jumps

    Is the bike sprung for your weight? Have you tried adjusting the clickers? When's the last time the suspension has been rebuild? Those are some things that come to mind