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  1. For the most part, anything 99-02 will work
  2. As long as you keep moving it shouldn't overheat. I do like your idea of making your fan, pretty cool
  3. If you rebuilt the top end, that could be a valve spring seat
  4. What did you take apart? It looks like a collar to the top shock bearing or the linkage
  5. I put a previous gen fender on my 01, holes lined up almost perfectly. Should be very little modification if any.
  6. Something to try with the reeds o.n the vforce, take it apart and flip the reeds. Maybe theres no gap that way, just gotta be careful with the little plastic part that keeps the reeds in place
  7. I've never been able to tell the difference as far as preformance
  8. I've used a paper clip to push the rubber plug down into the bladder to release the nitrogen. After rebuilding it's pretty cheap to take it to a shop to get recharged
  9. Sounds like float level is off
  10. It's designed to run on premium pump gas with no issues. I just got 5 gallon of race gas from a friend and mixed it in with pump gas. No noticable power gain, seems like it revved out a little smoother but I don't think it's worth the $ unless you have a motor that requires race gas.
  11. Usually a visually clean or "new" looking bike is hiding a nasty surprise, seller might not be giving the whole story. The $300 he told you is about right for a set of new stock valves, not counting the labor for grinding the seats. Who knows the condition of the rest of the engine. I like dirtbug26's idea of a fair price, I wouldnt go a dime over sellers asking price. If you really want it, hope for the best, expect the worse. Be ready to throw money at it
  12. You'll notice it doesn't have the same ammount of "pep" that it once had. Rebuild times vary depending on how hard and how often its ridden. Generally for track use at least 1 top end a season, some might throw rings at it mid season. As far as getting the longest life out of the top end, clean gas and air filters go a long way. I got ~200 hrs on my last piston, (still ran) it had blow-by about half way down but there was minimal scoring/pitting on the piston and the plating on the jug still had the cross hatching visible.
  13. Get the matching cleaner to go with the oil you want to use (same brand for best results). After cleaning I always put some dish soap In a container and clean again, this gets the remainder of small particles out of the filter. Rinse clean and let dry. I recently started using the no toil red spray oil and cleaner, by far the easiest system to use. The cleaner melts the oil off and there's no harsh chemicals, good protection as well
  14. You could probably get $1000-1500 for the forks and $500-600 for the shock
  15. Has the issue been resolved? How long does the launch control light stay on? Sometimes the light might flash or blink during riding, if it stays on for any length of time there's an issue with something within the DFI system. It stores the code in the ecu, take it to the shop or someone with the ability to get the bike into service mode to read the code. Probably wouldn't hurt to check the connection to each sensor to see if something is loose, hope that helps a bit