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  1. Thedarksidedrz400

    Headlight dim at rev

    I'm having this same problem on my 01 drz400 (kickstart) everything was working fine and never had light problems. One night when I was coming home my lights just dimmed out. At adle it seems fine and then when I get back on the gas it dims back out. New stator and RR... Same problem. Did the ground wire run around and still does it. I do have and had never checked if it worked.. 12v battery pack. I'm not sure if it just died that night or if it ever worked. I'm running a baja designs kit that worked great and now out of the blue have this dimming problem. I'm going to buy a new 12v pack and see if that fixes the problem. Like was said before in an older post my head lamp leads ony put out around 6v and drop off to around 4 when revved up. :/ it's not a fun problem to have.
  2. Thedarksidedrz400

    Drz400k charging problem.

    Ah I understand what you mean and can see how that would work. I guess I'll have to do some wire clean up and look around at some some things. I do have a baja designs kit. The wiring was not in the best condition when I got the bike so it may take some rewiring. I just hope it's something I can find. Now knowing it's not a major problem.
  3. Thedarksidedrz400

    Drz400k charging problem.

    2001-drz400 KICKSTART. Yes my regulator and stator are new but the problem is still the same. It's the same test on every post about this stuff. From the back of the 3 pin plug from the the stator. 1-2/ 1-3/ 2-3 it only reads 6 ac volts. If I do the same as an ohm test the numbers are consistent and there is nothing to ground. If I bring up the RPM the volts seem to drop or stay the same.
  4. Thedarksidedrz400

    Drz400k charging problem.

    So a few weeks ago I was riding my drz400(k) at night when my lights dimmed out. Went home and looked up a few things online. Replaced the gegulator right away thinking that would fix the problem. The stator was only putting out 6 ac volts. Nothing to ground on O. So I got myself a new stator in the mail today. Did the swap and everything went fine. Kicked it over and still the same exact thing is happening. 6 ac volts and dim lights. I don't understand what could be wrong at this point. Any help would be great. Did all the tests between phases and it's all the same numbers from old to new stator and regulator.