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  1. cassidy250f

    Making a great trail bike - 2018 150 XC-W ??

    I do like the bike a lot. I have changed out the stock power valve spring to the yellow spring and it is 2 turns in. I do not have the big power hit anymore.There is a lot on the power valve topic in another post. Look up 2017 150 XC-W Review post Ernie Allen. There is a lot of good stuff in this post. Some run red spring and flush with the case for more low end. I personally haven't tried it yet. I have also changed out the stock reeds to vforce 4 reeds. It now has better, smoother throttle response. As for low end it is still a 150. If you don't have enough low end start winding her up and she will go. I hope this helps. Thanks
  2. cassidy250f

    KTM 17-18 low seat questions / options

    I have the low EE seat. I love it. It is soft, it is a little wider than the stock seat also. It was a good move for me.
  3. cassidy250f

    2017 ktm 150sx wp aer air forks

    I keep mine around 110-115. I weigh around 160 with gear but I am an old and slow woods rider. Depends on how each rider feels on the bike I guess.
  4. I went from a 250 4 stroke to the 150sx 2 stroke and it was the best move I have ever made. I haven't rode a 300 2 stroke but I have a new 250 2 stroke and it had crazy power. You will be happy with the move. Good luck.
  5. cassidy250f

    Ktm 2018 125/150/250/300 reed life ?

    I took my stock reeds out at 37 hours. They looked fine. I replaced them with Vforce 4. The bike seems to have a better throttle response. I ride a 150sx. I am not a racer. I have talked to other KTM riders while on trails and have heard some horror stories about stock reeds. Thank you
  6. cassidy250f

    Ironman GNCC Hill Highlights

    My son and I was there. We were at the bottom of ironman hill. It was good action packed stuff to watch.
  7. cassidy250f

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    I might see you there sometime. My brother and I go a lot. He has an old quad he rides. Just look for the old dudes. lol Its good riding there.
  8. cassidy250f

    Kailub Russell Raises the all time bar

    Thaddy was on him the entire race. He is another awesome rider. My son got a video of him going up Ironman hill. Well it looked like he ramped up most of it. Big air at the top due to a kicker. It was amazing.
  9. cassidy250f

    Kailub Russell Raises the all time bar

    It was a good race to watch. It was cold and it snowed a little and sleeted in the early morning. KR557 is an awesome rider. I think they said he won by 28 seconds. I watched the quads also. It was a good race. I seen some good stuff on Ironman hill. I think they said 903 bikes was there in the morning class. Wow!
  10. cassidy250f

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Lawrence Co has gravel roads on the outside of the woods then it turns to grass then woods. There is some easy trails in there but they can lead to not so easy trails for beginners. If all else fails you can ride in the grass and hit the outside perimeter trails. I go there all the time.
  11. cassidy250f

    The 150 Club

    New Reeds
  12. cassidy250f

    New owner questions

    I have a Acerbis 3.1 gal tank on my 2017 sx. I think new around $200. I have a TMD skid plate. It seems to be doing its job. I have Cycra non-wrap hand guards. They work good for me. When you scrap off a tree they flex enough were you don't get jerked hard and crash. I'm old though.
  13. cassidy250f

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    I paid around $7400 for mine out the door. I bought mY 2017 model in December of 2016. Mine came from Illinois and I live in Indiana. Yikes!