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  1. CoreystrattonSM

    Bike is dead

    Went to start my bike yesterday and turned the key on only to find nothing happened. No lights, no display, no power to anything. All the wiring looks connected well and fuse good. No clue what's wrong
  2. CoreystrattonSM

    2002 DRZ400s electrical problem. Need Help!

    I'm having the exact same problem! nd my bike only has 300 miles on it!? I have no clue what the problem is
  3. CoreystrattonSM

    DRC installation. HELP!

    You're the man. Thanks a lot!
  4. CoreystrattonSM

    DRC installation. HELP!

    Oh thanks a lot fellas. Yes I would greatly appreciate the instruction post if you get a chance this evening. No rush though I realized the wrong light came in so I'll have to wait for the correct one to get here anyway.
  5. CoreystrattonSM

    DRC installation. HELP!

    Just started trying to install this light and it came with zero instructions. I'm not good with electronics AT ALL. So any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Do I just cut the wires close to the old lights?
  6. CoreystrattonSM

    2013 DRZ SM 400 Mods.

    Thank you for your information it's been helpful!
  7. CoreystrattonSM

    2013 DRZ SM 400 Mods.

    Thanks for the tips harry9395. I'm about 600ft above sea level here in eastern Kentucky. With the 3x3 mod and exhaust would that require to re-jet or jut play with the air to fuel screw?
  8. CoreystrattonSM

    2013 DRZ SM 400 Mods.

    I also just bought a 2013 DRZ and I love it! Mine is completely stock right now but yours has the look I'll be going for! Very nice choices with your mods looks great! One question, I'm putting an exhaust and applying the 3x3 mod next week, and jetting suggestions from anyone??
  9. Hello, I am new to this forum as well as my new Drz400sm. It is completely stock right now, but I am ordering a slip on exhaust and applying the 3x3 mod. I need suggestions on how to set the carb up (or of any change needs to be made) for these two minor mods. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance