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  1. Kevin335

    2011 KTM 350 SXF Bogging down.

    The spark plug cap was barley threaded onto the plug wire.
  2. Kevin335

    2011 KTM 350 SXF Bogging down.

    Its not the fuel filter. There is a recall on it. The dealer has it now and is ordering the recall parts and having them rushed shipped. While they have it they are going through the whole bike from top to bottom.
  3. Kevin335

    2011 KTM 350 SXF Bogging down.

    I have contacted the dealer that I bought it off of.
  4. Kevin335

    2011 KTM 350 SXF Bogging down.

    Now it won't start at all.
  5. Kevin335

    2011 KTM 350 SXF Bogging down.

    Is there a way to clean the injector yourself or should I take it to a dealer and have them clean it?
  6. I have a 2011 KTM 350sxf. I just bought it 2 weeks ago. I have only had about an hour on it myself. Last week at the race I got about 45 minutes into a 2 hour hare scramble. It shut down on me so I just figured it got over heated. I stopped for about 25 minutes and let it cool down. I finally got it started again but when I would go to get on the gas it would bog down and eventually shut off. I explained it to my local dealer and they said it could have been vapor locking on me. Yesterday I went out and tried to race it but got to the line and it would not start. I pushed it off to the side and I finally got it to start after kicking on it for 20 minutes but, when I went to take off on it, it was doing the same thing. Has anyone else had this issue before?