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  1. RMXnutt

    93 RMX 250 seat search

    Can anyone help, I'm trying to find a black seat for my bike. I was hoping someone might be parting one out or something. Any Ideas Ebay isn't helping much.
  2. RMXnutt

    2003 rm 250 won't idle

    Hi all, my name is steve Im new to the two stroke thing i have used the info here for awhile to fix my own issues. this site seems very knowledgable. I have a buddy that has 2003 rm250 that won't idle. However the choke doesn't seem to have any change on running. I cleaned out the carb I did not take note of the jet sizes when I was in there. My plug looks wet but the electrodes look like its running hot (almost white). Played with the air screw nothing seems to be working. Any help would be nice.