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  1. Ya I did look into lexx. It's a chunk of metal inside it. Didn't open it up but tipped it back all the way so the peice was at the tail pipe hole and I could feel it. The T4 was on there when I bought the bike and I'd like to just replace it anyways because it's all dented too. Like you said, I'm trying not to spend much so sounds like the best idea is the Lexx.
  2. Well I blacked it out and it's holding up good so far. Scuffed it really good with a red scuff pad and wiped down with wax and grease remover. Used Krylon gloss black and put 2 heavy coats on with a coat of aerosol clear on top. Going to put graphics kit on as soon as it gets here and that will cover most of it anyways. All in all only had about $20 invested and a couple hours of work. I'm happy with the results but without a graphics kit, it wouldn't work well lol. I already have a few lil chips and they certainly stick out like a sore thumb.
  3. Dragon67, that would work but I was wanting to go from white to black. I'm gettin a graphics kit but I like the black plastics. I'm not looking for a showroom finish, just something that will hold up to some abuse. I'm going to try it and put a graphics kit on afterwards. Just wanted some input on what guys were using as far as aerosal paint. I've only done sleds with actual automotive paint followed by sanding and buffing.
  4. I've got an 07 yz450f with a pro circuit exhaust on it. I took the exhaust off to paint last night and noticed a rattle inside the muffler(T4). I plan to get a new one but kinda wanted to go with a Big Gun ES slip on. Anyone know if this will fit onto the header pipe that I have?
  5. Has anyone tried painting their plastics? I've painted sled cowls but a bike takes a lil more abuse usually. Just wondering if it's worth it or if i'll end up with a flaky mess.
  6. Well that does look simple but are there any issues that can be caused by doing this o-ring mod? If not, I would think everyone would be doin this to their 4 strokes. I know I will if there is nothing to lose...
  7. Thanks alot guys! what is the o-ring mod you mentioned zombiekiller?
  8. No I'm not. I did get it to run without flooding last night. Certainly cut out alot of hesitation and bog at low rpms. I haven't really played with it yet but i'm gonna do some fine tuning tonight? why is it just a peice of billet on there after it's on? lol
  9. ok i'll tear it down again tonight and see whats going on. Thanks for the help. Have you ever used on of these?
  10. I just bought a Boyeson quickshot 3 and installed it last night. Went to start the bike and after 2 kick it started leaking fuel out of the drain lines from the carb. I didn't look into it any further because it was so late but I am baffled by this. Anyone know what is going on with this?
  11. yes I do need to read it haha project for this week is just making sure the bike is safe to ride and up to date on all maintenance. I wanna do this before I hit the track again this weekend.
  12. ok I did clean the air filter this past weekend(it was extremely dirty). Where is the oil filter located on these?
  13. I just bought a 2007 yz450f and have no history on the bike. I'm pretty new to mx and even more new to four stroke bikes so please help! The bike is stock as far as I know other than an FMF pipe. I have rode the bike for a couple hours and it runs strong but stutters a lil bit at lower rpms. What should I do as far as maintanence before I ride more and how can I fix this stuttering issue? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.