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    TE150, 250, or 300?

    I've got about 12 hours on my 2019 TE250i. If you like a smokers, you'll more than love it. The EFI takes care of every single thing that I found objectionable about 2 strokes in the past. You can lug it and it doesn't need to scream all day but if you need it to come alive in a hurry just fan the clutch and it hits hard like a powerful 2 stroke should. I also have a 2017 FE250 and a 2017 FE350. Both FEs are decked out....fuel mods, rekluse, dampner, etc etc. The New smoker is so much easier to ride [bone stock] and has more power than the 350. Its the shizzle. If you are looking for a 2 stroke I highly recommend it. FYI, my weight fluctuates seasonally but I'm at least 200lbs. I had a KTM 300exc-w and I'm not a fan. It had tremendous mid range power but I found the way the power hit tired me out.

    2019 TE 300 TPI fuel economy

    You guys just talked me out of converting my 2019 250i to a 300. I've gone 40 miles or so on a gallon or so while doing varied desert riding. Sand, hills, single track, rocky tight technical stuff.....the 250 is miserly on the fuel. I thought that the EFI was supposed to make it more efficient.

    Good Cop Encounter

    I wouldn't go that far. The earth hasn't been invaded by martians and I'm not speaking Russian yet but in this case you're right. I have 2 young kids and had to take a few years off riding. Things have changed since I've come back after 5 years or so. I've seen some stuff lately that has really opened my eyes. I hate to join the doom and gloom club but I think as soon as the DMV can figure out how query their own data efficiently everybody with a questionable plate will lose it. Many of us are a software upgrade away from having green stickers. Its pretty clear by the way the state has begun to parse up the deserts and gate off the forests that we are not welcome. I recently went to go ride red rock/dove springs. The sand washes are graded, there are signs and fences everywhere, and most of the good trails are closed. Finally, they expanded the Bright Star Wilderness area by tens of thousads of acres....which makes all that land unridable.

    Good Cop Encounter

    Bolt is right about everything he said.

    Can the DMV take my Grandfathered plate?

    I'm definitely not totally innocent. My issue is that they flagged a legal bike almost out of spite. I'm a little shaken up by the fact that I was specifically targeted and it was because of a craigslist add. This isn't second hand info either....I heard it from the horses mouth. If their intent was to discourage some of my other activities it worked....really well.

    Can the DMV take my Grandfathered plate?

    No. The other one I bought was flagged 2 weeks before I bought it.....I found it on CL. I'm telling you, if you put an add up that says "CA Plated XXXX XXX" and its a known non compliant bike there is a great chance that it will get flagged. I'm worried enough that I'm not going to risk having one myself anymore.

    Can the DMV take my Grandfathered plate?

    I'm not sure that I want to talk about this here but I spoke with the guy that helped me out. He did say the the CHP is looking to take plates. One of the ways they are finding bikes is through adds on craigslist. Thats how they found me. I had a different bike for sale and somehow they looked me up and found the XR too. If you have a bike that is questionable in terms of e-compliance do not advertise it for sale if you plan to sell. I am definitely going to buy a new or newer KTM to keep myself out of trouble.

    Can the DMV take my Grandfathered plate?

    Update. I won my appeal with the DMV. My plate is secure. If any of you run into the same problem I have the name and # of somebody that can help @ the DMV. FYI, I had a Peace Officer that I happen to know run the plate and it came up clean but had a note that said "Renewal Notice Extracted". If this happens to somebody else that's what you look for. This only applies to my grandfathered XR. The other bike I'd be dumb to appeal. It is what it is.

    Can the DMV take my Grandfathered plate?

    Wow. I've wasted hours on this already. I think that I'm just going to buy a new KTM next year once the rest of my bikes get flagged. Per the CHP the DMV is going after DS registrations again and this time around you won't know until you plan to sell or renew.

    Can the DMV take my Grandfathered plate?

    Just as an FYI. The DMV actually has administrative people/places you can call. I got the number for their publications department which is 916-657-8183. I spoke to somebody who wasn't on a timer and I'm getting a call back from somebody who can actually explain the law....I'll f/u to see if it happens. FYI this has mysteriously disappeared fromt eh DMV website: http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/1140/files/off-highway%20motorcycle%20conversions%20vin%202003-11.pdf and the was supposedly superceded by VIN 2012-51 which says nothing bout dual registration. UPDATE: An administrator from the DMV actually called me back. I have an actual name & number to f/u with. He said unless the law has recently changed I should be able to keep my plate. Once he speaks with the CHP they will make a decision. He was able to verify both that my plate (circa 2003) goes back prior to the 1/1/2004 effective date of VIN 2003-11 and that, as far as he knows, it is still the law.

    Can the DMV take my Grandfathered plate?

    As far as CARB/DMV goes, they lose money. I'll go from $83 a year to $26 on the tags. What a waste. Its not like the bike even gets used.
  12. Guys. This is scary. The DMV has slowly started to take plates away from originally non-compliant DS bikes. I have 2 instances to report and want advice on both. The first is the more serious. Anyway, be advised the DMV no longer sends you a revocation letter for the plate. They just put a hold on the title and don't notify you at all, rather, when you try to pay your renewal they refer you to the CHP. I have an 01 XR650R that was plated a couple of owners ago when it was new. The DMV flagged it in September (never informed me) and when I went to pay the registration they said that there was a hold on the title and I needed to take it to the CHP for verification. They could not tell me why. I called the CHP and they told me that the bike was reported as non compliant in September and I'd have to have it re-verified. It took me 40 minutes to finally get the officer to tell me that I'd lose my plate and have to get a new title and green sticker. I then asked him about Grandfathered plates. He said he wasn't sure but per CARB Advisoy 319 GF plates were only applicable to the original owner/person who did the conversion. Is that true? I know the DMV published something called VIN 2003-11 that actually says the bike is no longer subject to verification. The only problem is that the DMV has removed it from their website and I can't find a verifiable copy. Any ideas? Has anybody faced this problem? The killer here is that I've been restoring the bike since I bought it and I haven't put a single mile on it in almost a year! The next problem I have is that I bought a 2005 CRF450x that is plated and set up as a supermoto. I bought it on 10/25/13. At the same time I found out about the hold on my 650 the clerk said that the CRF had the same type of hold effective the beggining of October. I called the guy I bought the bike from and so far he has told me to pound sand. I'm not super worried about it as I have is CL add that says everything is fine (he actually said no BS, No games in the add), I have email, texts, and proof that the hold was on the title before I bought the bike. My question here is how should I go about handling this if the guy doesn't do the right thing? I'm sure that from a legal perspective there's already been a breach of contract but there's gotta be a law or two about stuff like this similar to laws about providing a smog certificate w/your car when you buy/sell it? I'm looking for a reasonable approach to this if the guy decides to continue to tell me its my problem. I'm not sure if he knew or not....

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    pretty soon I'll be able to join you guys all the time. I volunteer at my kids school wednesdays and am my sons asst soccer coach. Soccer ends in 2 weeks and I'm only going to have to volunteer every 2 weeks. I've got so much other stuff as well as the stupid holiday. trust me, if the big chubby one didn't look just like me....I'd ride free 4 days a week.

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    I wanted to ride DWF tomorrow but I'm on trick or treat duty. I'm out.

    Best GPS specific to riding only

    I did some more searching and there are at least 5 versions of the Oregon that range from $180 to $600. Sigh.....