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    KTM 250SX help

    Thanks, that is what I will do next!
  2. MoparKTM

    KTM 250SX help

    I have tried my first 2-stroke top end rebuild without success. The bike is a 2002 250SX which had ran well, but after about 30 hours of riding and I bought it used, I decided to replace the piston and ring. I used the same Wiseco piston part number that came out of the engine. When the bike was reassembled, there is almost no compression. The bike did start and run (and seamed to run strong at higher RPMs on a very short test) only when bump started down a hill, but it will not idle or kick start. I used plenty of lucas assembly lube, maybe too much????. I put the power valve ball & socket back on also. Any ideas for this amateur mechanic?