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  1. absolutely nothing wrong with a fast ash rate save the bucks and make a turn more noticeable !
  2. Cable stretched? Hopefully your clutch isn't going out! I don't think it's super expensive for new plates but money nonetheless!
  3. Seems a bit on the light side as far as the spring goes! I'm right at 258lbs and I collaborated with both Racetech and Cannon RaceCraft and we came up with a ~7.0 rear spring but that would of been a special order so I saved a few bucks by going with a 6.8 that was already made up.
  4. Generally if you are having issues with bogging or hesitation at about 1/4-3/4 throttle then that would be the needle clip that needs adjusting. Worst case is give it a try and see how she runs.
  5. no no you both have it wrong! Black is obviously the fastest color in the DRZ Alphabet!
  6. how much you weighing in at?
  7. i have yet to setup my rear as far as the clickers go. Kind of a pain by yourself!
  8. haha nice. I think I may just go with your theory of videos aren't going to tell me much and just install one myself to see :-)
  9. idk if you go look at a video of say a KTM 690 and have no volume you could probably tell a difference between that and say a yammi 250sm just in the way the front end comes up under power but you may very we'll be right!
  10. wait your saying you guys get more than April to September :-0 not fair haha.Was wanting to move to AUS but everything got so strict a couple years ago as far as Visas it was just to crazy!
  11. Hey guys! Can't find any so let's see who's got'em. I'm trying to find some VIDEOS preferably onboard camera of before and after a big bore install, it doesn't matter which one 440,470,522. I am just interested in seeing the difference maybe with just general riding and other stuff like acceleration and throttle wheelies etc. thanks in advance!