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  1. I live in spokane and have a 03 ttr 250 just had a kid so it's just been sitting in the garage collecting dust so I've been thinking about trying to make it street legal so I can actually get some use out of it and ride it to and from work iknow I need turn signals side mirrors ect but was wondering what else Washington state requires is there anyone on here that has converted a dirtbike to make it street legal in Washington any help would b great
  2. Cjudd88

    Ttr 250 no start

    Pilot jet is clear any other suggestions?
  3. Cjudd88

    Ttr 250 no start

    Air filter is brand new n spotless I'll check the pilot jet again just to make sure
  4. Cjudd88

    Ttr 250 no start

    I have an 03 ttr 250 one day it was running just fine took a break while riding and then no start cleaned the carb replaced the spark plug getting plenty of fuel and spark cranks but still no start has anyone had the same problem? Any suggestions?