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  1. Hi I was wondering if you could send me a pic of the plugs that go to the cdi box on your 2001 drz250.  As you can see I don't know where the wires go 

    Thanks Steve


    1. Steven Corbeil

      Steven Corbeil

      Still looking fir a pic please help

  2. Solved, it turns out i had the valves adjusted improperly and exhaust tailpipe was clogged with mice debree. My bike is back on the road! Thank you all! 👍👍👍
  3. I took on the challege of rebuilding my own engine after crankshaft broke on my xr650l. The bike currently has super high compression and the engine turns slowly only when the sparkplug is on. I now know that i had forgotten to place on the plunger and spring under camshaft. So i took apart and placed it back in. It still has the same problem. It wont turn on, spark is strong without the sparkplug and weak when i place the plug in. I also just found out that the bottom end is from a 1994 xr650l and the heads are from an 2005 xr650l. Could me rebuilding the bottom starter gear like a 2005 and not the 1994 be the problem? Or is my camshaft decompression installed incorrectly? Any help is appreciated.
  4. I now see the stopper/spring #10. The dowel pins i was thinking off are #9 which I remember placing. Would the stopper/spring cause the engine to turn slow and stop instead of turning normally only the sparkplug is in place? It turns normal when i put the compression tester or when I remove the sparkplug. I have a video recording but it seems i cant upload videos on to thumpertalk.
  5. Could it be 180 out of timing? I remeber placing two dowels underneath the cam but not a spring?
  6. Im thinking the decompression on cam got stuck because i retested compressiom and it was wayy above 150 this time? Engine still turns slow when spark plug is on. Turns normal when it is off?
  7. The engine turns if i remove the spark plug and i can test compression. It reads 91 cold which seems a little low for me? But either way does not solve the issue of the slow turning when the sparkplug is on.
  8. Is #11 the washer? In the manual it shows it needs 4.
  9. I opened up the left side and noticed i had forgot to place the starter gear with the "out" facing out. It now turns but really slowly and not constant. It turns then stops and turns then stops. No idea what I could be missing. I have no more parts left over after rebuild and i labeled everything. Haha
  10. Yupp, here i am again. So, i took on the challenge on rebuilding my own engine. I can say i have had a couple of dumb mistakes. Haha now. The starter wont engage and just spins. Battery is new i went through the starter cables and they are all connected properly. The engine spins freely manually. Im baffled lol
  11. Problem solved. Im embarrassed to say that i installed the rocker cover with this lil guys tucked in the intake side. Hahahah
  12. First id like to thank all of you for the help. It is appriciated. I rebuilt the engine, i replaced the crankshaft, all bottom end seals, gaskets, crank bearings, got the cylinder hones replaced, piston and rings. All new gaskets. I also re used the valves but replaced the valve seats and springs then took the head to the machine shop to test for valve leaks. I used stock camshaft with stock rocker arm cover. I am thinking i might of placed the cam backwards? Will have to tear apart to check. Will update. Thanks again
  13. Yes, adjust screw only goes so far and there still is about 3/8 of play. Im thinking i might of done something wrong?
  14. So i took on the challege of rebuilding my own engine. Problem i have now after slapping on the valve cover is that the intake valves have about 1/4in of play. I followed the instructions step by step on the service manual Made sure the it was tdc before placing the cam with the lobes facing down and the out mark on sprocket facing down. I spinned the engine 4 times counterclockwise to make sure the marks stayed in place. I loosened all valve adjusting screws before placing the valve cover on.
  15. thanks again bud! 👍👍👍
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