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  1. Update: I managed to grt the bike to start and idle without the choke by adjusting the throttle butterflies, but now the bike shuts off as soon as I give it gas. Also the leaking out the choke suddenly stoped. I rechecked the spark color and it was white but not sure how strong it is. Thanks for any help.
  2. I removed the plugs, and two where clearly drowned in gas, the rest were dry. So I replaced the two and managed to get the bike running. Downpart is that the only way it will start is with the choke all the way on, and will turn off as soon as I pull the throttle. It also leaks a small amount of gas out the choke puller on side of the carbs. Im guessing carbs need adjusting? I did take the carbs apart completely, so im sure I probably messed up along the way? What should I look for?
  3. I recently purchased a 2003 katana 750 that sat for over 3 years. First thing i did was remove the tank and replaced the gas, aswell as clean the carbs. I made sure all passages on carbs were cleaned. Before putting it all back together I checked for spark and the compression, both were good. Compression surpassed 160 psi with the first two turns on every cyclinder. I put it all back together and it chuckled and felt like it wanted to start, but then i noticed a massive gas leak comming from one of the carbs. I took it all apart and replaced the cracked floater. I put all together and still no start not even a chuckle... By all means im stunned. Any ideas?
  4. Linked it to the cam chain tensioner. I didn't release tension before installing so it was stuck in high tension overload. I replaced it with another one and she fired right up!
  5. Could improper timing cause a knock aswell? I recently put together an engine I have 150-155 psi compression but the engine will only turn with the plugs off. When the plugs are on it wants to start at first makes a horrible noise and then stops turning until I take the plugs off.
  6. So after going back I realized I had the timing off by 1 pin. After I placed everything back I got a compression reading of 150-155. But now when I put the spark plugs in the engine it won't turn more then one turn. If I take them off. It turns like butter. The shop manual is quite vague and I can't seem to find any similar blog.
  7. I do feel slight play on the main alternator rotor when I push and pull on it. Can't find anything about it on the manual.
  8. The shop manual came with the bikes. So it is possible to have good compression and a bad engine? I might be better off getting a real mechanic. I can put things together and torque it but for some odd reason it never works hahaha.
  9. Is it possible to have good compression and a bad lower engine?
  10. I scooped up 3 kawasaki 500r about 2-3 weeks ago all were disassembled in one way or another. I managed to build two complete engines after puzzling all the parts washers and bolts together. After both engines where mounted and torqued I was curious and checked the compression of the engines. The first engine I put together using donor parts. Ended up having 90 psi on left and 75 psi which was low significantly to the 2nd engine which had 125-130 psi. So I pUT all focus on that engine. But when I went to start it. Using started fluid it made a weird grinding clanking noise comming from the starter/engine. So I turned the ignition off and stopped it from trying to start before I messed anything up more. Pulled the plugs and re checked the compression and it was a little higher if not exact what it first read. Now I'm baffled on if it's just low on oil or something.
  11. 2002 ex500 r only turns when I touch both terminals with screwdriver. Has No neutral light? Replaced off a running ex500 r On off switch, throttle and start assembly. Starter relay. Kick stand switch. Battery. Fuse junction box and fuses. Ignition switch. What else should I look for?
  12. My original goal was to build one bike out of the 3. I got one engine to turn but had low compression in one cylinder and I have no idea why the other two engines are off the bikes and partially disassembled... I will add detailed pictures once I'm home.
  13. I just purchased 3 kawasaki ex500 r for 700 dlls. Just wondering if I got a good deal or not? My wife thinks i got junk because There all completely disassembled. one has current tags and the other two need tags. One is 2002 the other 2001 and the other is a 1998 But all fairings and and engines look complete.
  14. valve rockers where loose as you said. Which is weird because I made sure they where to speck. Or at least I thought so. Should I re adjust them? No matter how hard I push there's no way it's starting.
  15. valve rockers where loose as you said. Which is weird because I made sure they where to speck. Or at least I thought si