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  1. He needs to turn in his factory license.
  2. Supercross

    He has been a border line dirty rider this whole time. Shit will catch up to him.
  3. OffRoad

    Wow!! Did not see that coming!! https://www.facebook.com/destryabbott8/ https://www.facebook.com/destryabbott8/photos/pb.114746998547830.-2207520000.1480655535./1259453710743814/?type=3&theater
  4. OffRoad

    Both did finish the entire race in 2006 Travis finished 11th (2:16) and McGrath finished 29th (3:32). Travis did this one the just to beat McGrath for a 1 dollar bet. Travis was actually leading it for awhile until all the Euros passed him. David Knight won it that year with a time of 1:17. I have the DVD and have watched it many times. It was the year before Travis did not finish because he broke is side case in Carls diner section.
  5. Wow, this is really something to complain about? Get a life!!!!!