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  1. Gunner55

    08 350 grizzly

    Does anyone know the torque specs on the four head/cylinder bolts?
  2. Aye guys just bought a front sprocket for my 86 250r that would not spline up so I got the oem part number and bought that sprocket and it would not line up. So now I'm thinking this bike has a different year engine or something. Does anyone kno how to tell what year the engine is or what I need to do to find out. Thanks in advance
  3. Gunner55

    86 xr250r

    Hey guys I was wanting to upgrade my front suspension on my 86. Anybody kno of any conversions, swaps, what will fit, what won't, anything of that nature that you have done before. Thanks
  4. Gunner55

    73 F12MX 450

    Thanks I figured someone had put it on. This is by far the oldest bike I have owned and I'm trying to learn everything about it.
  5. Gunner55

    73 F12MX 450

    Thanks jeekins that site is awesome and very helpful
  6. Gunner55

    73 F12MX 450

    Here are some pics
  7. Gunner55

    73 F12MX 450

    Yea I can post some more pics, I got all the plastic and seat off. That's what I thought about the pipe to but I don't kno. It's mounted very well if it's not original somebody did a good job
  8. Gunner55

    73 F12MX 450

    I picked up this bike a couple days ago and its in pretty good shape for its age, there is a couple things missing. The ignition coil, and muffler. It turns over smoothly and has a ton of compression. I changed the oil and cleand the carb. When I get a coil id say it will fire right up. I was wondering if any of you guys knows what its worth. I think they only made these bikes in 73 and 74 thanks
  9. Gunner55

    New guy

    Looks good, cant wait to get mine goin
  10. Gunner55

    New guy

    Yea that is definitely odd, first I have herd of that klxchad. Here are some pics of my chewed up case and counter shaft.
  11. Gunner55

    New guy

    In my opinion the klx300 is one of the best trial/woods bike there is. I have had a 2002 model for while now and love riding it, but it is down right now and I'm completely rebuilding the engine over a worn out idler gear that caused all kinds of hell to my engine
  12. Gunner55

    flywheel puller

    Thanks viper, it done the job
  13. Gunner55

    flywheel puller

    Thanks in advance for any help. What size flywheel puller do i need for my 2002 klx300r
  14. Gunner55

    ACR mod on klx300

    Thank u guys for your answer, after further imspection the counter shaft the ldler sprocket goes on is chewed up were the snap ring seats and I do see hair line cracks in the case behind it. Plus I mentioned elaryer about catching it in time, man was I wrong. My top end is toast, the cams are scracthed all the hell, I found metal shavings here and there, pretty bumded out cause I loved rideing that bike. But what I have is pretty much a parts bike cause I do not have the money to fix everything. Thanks guys if you need parts give me a email
  15. Gunner55

    ACR mod on klx300

    Another question is the acr timing issues fixed in later models? Would it be easier to do a cam swap? Because I think my biggest problem would be getting the acr off with out damaging it or the cam. Thanks