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  1. I have lovingly rebuilt my tt engine from scratch: all bearing, seals, piston/rebore/hone. bottom/top end. The engine/exhaust is totally standard it runes well but: 1. runs rich and the plug is dry and pitch black deposits. 2. nasty noisy at above 3000 rpm , sounds like valve bounce or piston slap.. To date I have already double checked: carb settings -float level, jet size, blockages air filter exhaust restrictions Valve timing and tensioner Plug type CDI function/timing The bike starts and runs pulls well. The richness gives me cause for concern and the vibration noise above 3K sounds as though it is about to do some serious damage. Only further thoughts are: Crappy pattern piston (Mitaka) or bad rebore? Main bearing were a loose fit in casings (push in by hand, they wouldn't fall in) was the TT always noisy? Further pointers/ideas and direction warmly welcomed ... ta nick
  2. Just changing the left hand side counter weight crank bearing (6305) on the '85 tt 600. The outer of this bearing is in the crankcase vent area and I think this bearing should have a rubber seal on the outside only. Also there may be a seal to the vent as well. Can't seem to fin this in any docs all including microfiche etc. question 1: Seal yes or no on this bearing outer? question 2: breather oil seal required yes or no? (behind the blind side of the bearing) Ta yam tt600 9gx
  3. Reaching out for some clever people to help me get my TT600 '85 running well. After a total rebuild it starts and runs well apart from between half and full throttle when it bogs out (no firing and deceleration) until backing off the throttle and it picks up again. To date I have looked at valve timing, carb: setup/blockage/correct jet sizes/float level. Fuel flow from tank all seem OK. The plug is new with correct gap. Air filter is stock Any direction warmly welcomed