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  1. hi my name is joe and i am new to the forum, i am glad i am able to join this comunity ! well i was wondering if anyone could help me or knows about the subject. i have a 09 suzuki rmz 250 and well i dont like the way the rear fender looks since it kinda arcs downward i am use to having dirtbikes that usualy have the fender nice and straight , is there any other fender that fits on my suzuki ? any help is awsome guys !!!
  2. ponce3049

    2009 rmz 250 rear fender

    hi can anyone tell me if there is any other rear fender that fits a 09 rmz 250 ? the thing is that the figure of this model i don't like since its not nice and straight like all the other ones it is slightly curved downwards and well i think something straight looks better. any help would be awesome guys !!