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  1. Sorry I meant to say wasn't suggesting! Sorry I meant to say I was not suggesting!
  2. It's for the 250! But works great for the xr400. I do have a custom subframe on my bike so it was easy for me to relocate the mounting tab.
  3. I was suggesting they were robbing me. From the information I dug up, it just stated you do not need to reserve unless going bigger than 426. The shop I'm with is great/fast/ and reliable. I just wanted to confirm this information.
  4. @ThumperCurtis thanks. Got it from xrsonly
  5. hi all, im installing a 426 kit on my 400. i sent my cylinder and head off to the shop to get bored/rebuilt. from all my research i thought that i could get the 88mm overbore without having to resleeve. the shop insists that 87mm is the max overbore for the xr400. can anyone confirm this? id like to avoid having to pay for the resleeve as well.
  6. @srtracing it's in the hills of the current dodger stadium!
  7. Xrracer I have a spare tank if needed Here is the same bike! Runs amazing.
  8. Riding the xr400r in the hills of dodger stadium
  9. 2002 xr400r
  10. so update on the bike: pretty hard to get started if the choke isnt on and kept on i will readjust the valves, change the spark plug, and give a fresh oil change. the jets in the bike are currently a 52 slow and 148 main. i just ordered 60,62,65 slow and 160,162,165 main. im assuming the bike is running very lean due to going to the pod filter. hopefully this works!
  11. hey thanks for the offer, but i already have the spare parts needed! thanks for the help
  12. hello! i currently own a 2001 xr400 with gordon mods. airbox in tact i just purchased a 99 xr400 for $300! its missing -seat -chain -lights -plastics -airbox -few bolts here and there -front brake master -clutch perch engine starts on first kick with no weird sounds! pretty stoked on this find. in an attempt to spend as little money as possible, i would like to just slap a pod filter on there. this bike will be for street only so im not too concerned with dirt or water entering the carb. i also live in los angeles, so weather is rarely an issue. if anyone can point me in the right direction as to jetting for a pod filter, it would be greatly appreciated. attached is my purchase!
  13. hello all, i have a 1980 xl500s and i want to swap the forks out for disc brakes. there are many threads about it, but none of them have any definitive answers on which forks are compatible. i have 2 1982 xl500r part bikes that i know is much easier to swap the front end on, but i love the twin shock look. i was contemplating swapping the xl500s swingarm onto the xl500r and fabricating some upper mounts for the shocks. by doing this i get the front end i want and still maintain my twinshock look. any thought you may have i will greatly appreaciate. thank you!