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  1. mrxkenny

    cam caps problem

    Are they in Washington? N thanks foe that eBay ad. I have been looking bur haven't seen that one
  2. mrxkenny

    cam caps problem

    so i have already posted this in another catagory bu thought i would ask a little broader, anyways i have a 05 rmz450 and the guy i bought it from overtightened the cam caps, anyways when i went to shim the valves it warped the intake cap and now it is tough to turn by hand and doesnt sound like it is getting a full kick cycle when trying to start it. anyways was wondering if there was possibly a way to fix this without buying a complete new cylinder head. i live in washington and am looking to get this fixed asap without spending 700 bucks. any help would be great.
  3. mrxkenny

    more cam problem

    used cylinder head would be considered as well for right price
  4. mrxkenny

    more cam problem

    Recently bought a 05 rmz 450 and of course the intake cam won't turn freely and I believe the cap is warped. I understand you cant buy just the cap so my question is does anyone have one for sale? Or know of a machine shop in Washington that could possibly fix it?