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  1. Honda445

    How do these valves look?

    Oh and here's a picture of the cam journals, they look like they've been scored a little bit. Are they okay?
  2. Honda445

    How do these valves look?

    Okay I pulled the ignition cover off and here's what I found: One was inside the flywheel and the other was in the oil filter. What do you guys think I should do? Put it back together or split the cases and look further? Us the bearing retainer thing rubbing against the flywheel enough to cause a rubbing when you kick the motor over?
  3. Honda445

    How do these valves look?

    There was nothing underneath the valve caps. I'm kind of starting to think the kid might have started taking it apart and gotten in over his head. I traded him an old 4 wheeler for it so I'm okay with it. I'll pull it apart and let you guys know what I find.
  4. Honda445

    How do these valves look?

    Yes the #16 bearing spacer/holder things are both gone. The journals look like the outer bearing races were spinning a little bit. The kid I got it from said it was "running great" he shut it off and then when he tried to start it again he felt something rubbing/grinding when he kicked it. I never started it because I thought it would damage the motor. I guess I better tear the bottom end apart to inspect. The bottom end oil looks really clean with no metal shavings or anything though.
  5. Honda445

    How do these valves look?

    Are valve shims that small? There also weren't any half ring retainer things in the cam bearing journals. Man I really hope they're not down inside of the case tearing everything all to hell.
  6. Honda445

    How do these valves look?

    Thanks guys! I pressed the valves down and they look pretty good. I think I'm going to try to get a few more hours out of it before I get some Ti valves. When I pulled the cam chain tensioner out I found these two small magnets stuck to the end of it. Are they supposed to be there? They are very small and round, here's a picture.
  7. Honda445

    How do these valves look?

    Just tore the motor down tonight. This is the first 4 stroke motor I've ever done a top end on so I'm not really sure how everything should look. It's a 2004, unknown hours since I recently bought it from someone else who hasn't owned it for very long. Any advice would be great. When I bought it, the engine had a strange rubbing feeling when you moved the kickstarter. I didn't run it because I thought it might cause damage. Does anyone know what might cause this symptom? The piston and bore look decent, the spark plug was pretty black. Thanks!