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  1. BritishColumbia

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of good trail riding in North Vancouver. Also, are there any riding clubs or groups in the area?? Thanks................Suzuki DRZ-400 J
  2. Hi, thanks for your replies, they are the triple mount clamps variety
  3. Hi, Can anyone post a step by step installation guide for the cycra probend handguards on a DRZ400S. I'm having a hard time getting them around the brake fluid gauge and levers. I'm very green when it comes to dirtbikes and anything mechanical so pics would be a huge help. Thanks in advance. I apologize if this is already in the forum, I can't find it.
  4. sorry, sorry, sorry... bad taste by me...
  5. Hi, I just bought a 2009 DRZ400, does anyone have a link to an online service manual?? thanks