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  1. bhbonzo

    what dirt bike?

    my price range is 700-1600 so it would have to be used
  2. bhbonzo

    what dirt bike?

    i prefer two stroke but i can deal with a four stroke.
  3. bhbonzo

    Bike for my girlfriend.

    I have a rm85 myself. it is a 2003 so yes its old. but there is nothing wrong with the rm85 from my experience. do some research and you can see more detailed lists about the pros and cons about the rm85. i think that the rm85 will be the perfect match for her, because its also light and doesn't require much strength to keep the bike from tipping over when you stop.
  4. bhbonzo

    what kind of bike i should buy

    well it depends what will you be doing racing on motocross tracks or just trail riding?
  5. hello, i am 5,4 and 106 pounds and am wondering what dirt bike i should get. i will mostly be riding on motorcross but probably not racing. i will do occasional trail riding.