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  1. mauimax

    wr400f edlebrock question

    Thanks For Advice.....I Would Srill Be Intrested In Some Links If Anyone Has Any. Also Running A Carb From A Newer Wr Isnt A BAd Idea. $50 To Rebuild As Opposed To $300....
  2. mauimax

    wr400f edlebrock question

    Hi, Thanks In Advance For Any Advice/Help. Would Anyone Be Able To Give Me A Link On Where To Get The Edlebrock Carb For My 99 Wr400f? Also A Link For The Needed Throttle Cables? My Bike Mechanic Says Its Gone Be About $300 In Parts To Rebuild Stock Carb And That Seems Steep. I Figure For Not Much moreI May As Well Upgrade To Edlebrock. From What I Have Searched On Here It Seems Like A Good Way To Go But I Cant Seem To Find Info On Exactly What Edlebrock Carb I Need And Where To Get It? Any Advice Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks.