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  1. The problem is that I need the whole assembly minus hardware.
  2. Unfortunately, they look to be obsolete.
  3. Hey All, I was working on my bike, project got delayed and my parts went missing. I'm in desperate need of a right foot peg (still have hardware) and the kick starter arm assembly. I've tried the whole Ebay thing and its next to impossible to verify if the parts will fit. Can anybody here help me? My 12 year wants to ride and I'm stuck on the side lines. Thanks, -Jeff
  4. hammer40

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    New front bearings this morning, now headed out for a ride with my son. Good Sunday!
  5. hammer40

    Rear wheel problems 1987 XR250R

    Yep. I don't have the stepped spacer and they seem to be discontinued all over the net. I just ordered a 47x17x14 6303 bearing andd will try that. I still need to figure out how the wheel will interact with the swing arm.
  6. hammer40

    Rear wheel problems 1987 XR250R

    Thank you Chuck. Based on what you wrote, it lo0ks like I have a 17MM bearing on the brake side and a 20MM on the sprocket side and I'm missing the all important sleeve that sits between the bearing and the axle shaft. Arghhh. Does this same flared sleeve also hold the retainer off the swing arm?
  7. Hello All, Sorry, I'm a newb at dirt bikes but I need some help. I bought a 1987 XR250R and was told that it would need new rear wheel bearings. I bought a Moose bearing kit and a new rear tire and had a shop install them. When I pulled the wheel off originally, I found a non oem washer and spacer on the sprocket side. When I went to put everything back together, including the non oem parts, I had a lot of slop on the sprocket side. The spacer just sits inside of the hub and is less than flush with the retainer and the washer is tight against the swing arm and the retainer. I know that can't be right becaiuse it's metal on metal, with one side spinning. There is a short flanged collar on the parts diagram that is discontinued that I am missing. I have the non oem spacer in it's place. I also noticed that my longer inner spacer is flanged at one end but not on the parts diagram. I also noticed on the wheel blow up that it shows 3 bearings when I only have two. My two bearings are also different inner diameters which appears to be allowing a lot of the play. That can't be right can it? Any ideas on fixing my mess???? I gotta get this thing back together so I can ride with my son, who is also new at the sport and received a CRF80 for his bday. Thank you, -Jeff
  8. hammer40

    87 xr250r acquisition

    I just bought a 87 XR250R too. I paid 600 but everything on the bike was good except the wheel bearings. I originally was buying a CRF80 for my son and ended up buying both from the seller. Fun bike.