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  1. rev motor with clutch pulled as rpm drop off put light upward pressure on shift lever when it finds the rpm it likes it will pop into neutral.
  3. Finally stopped my leaks with some auto bead sealer
    Awesome bike
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    Awesome bike
  5. I have it on the front and back. I like being able to run lower air pressure. My first rear tire I had no leaks but my mountain hybrid tire I just can't stop the slow rim leaks even with slime in it. It is only 1-2 PSI a day so I just check the pressure before each ride. With the mountain hybrid you can run it flat with out it unseating from the rim
  6. Same with mine. Going to try the blip thing. I use my hand when I just can get it with my boots on
  7. I have a USB port I wired direct to my battery but sometimes it kills the battery. I want to wire it up to the key on relay. Can someone post a wiring diagram and where the relay is located.
  8. The KTM rims seems to not be very deep which makes it harder. You got to make sure the tire bead is in the center.
  9. 2014 500exc
  10. Manual says 30hrs and I have over 100 and haven't looked at them yet. Don't race and mainly logging road single track riding. 30 hrs seems way to often.
  11. Anyone mount one in the front? I have camper that sticks out the back so that is not an option for me.
  12. Yea I bought it the city so it probably has a city map. I live in the country so I should get the XC map installed
  13. Looks like Amsoil finally has a 10W-50 oil for dirt bikes