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  1. Fishin Scott

    XR250r Parts?

    Think I can help mate There is a bike wrecker in Maryborough QLD AUS His name is Ross and if you google Tiaro bike wreckers he is your man He specialises in pre 1985 bikes but he has tons of gear there and can send parts worldwide Good luck Cheers
  2. Fishin Scott

    Weak Rear Brake

    Mine (90 model) was poopy and reluctant to lock wheel when really asked to , but a new set of pads made a huge difference in my case. I was surprised because old pads have usually worked right up till the death in the past Cheers
  3. Fishin Scott

    Aussie Riders ?

    Kind and thoughtfull yzdaddy
  4. Fishin Scott

    Aussie Riders ?

    Fraser Coast QUEENSLANDER XR250
  5. Fishin Scott

    gear shifter replacement

    This sounds drastic but I think it could work ok if care is taken ,A sheet of fibre cement with the right sized hole to go over the shaft will sheild the heat somewhat.The shaft will probably loose some of its hardness. By that I mean it might bend easier afterwards but it might delay costly major overhaul work. Good luck with the problem Cheers
  6. Fishin Scott

    Vegetables Oil

    Since we are seeking alternatives how about lawn clippings in our tires instead of air Cheers
  7. Fishin Scott

    1990 Xr250 light removal question

    I own the same bike and this gear just unplugs without problems I think Cheers
  8. Fishin Scott

    Wrong spark plug - cause damage?

    I had a YAMMY TY175C which is a trials bike This means very low gears for slow ,climbing type of use This bike was registered so it could also be used as a comuter to work etc, With the plugs in mind ,this bike needed a hot plug for it,s intended use (trials) but as used on the road the hot plug could melt a hole in the piston top if reving high for too long.So I was told . Has anybody ever heard of this happening?
  9. Fishin Scott

    best way to clean plastics

    Hey mate We have the orange scrub in AUS It could be a bit abrasive on delicate stuff, but hey, It's got some cleaning ability for sure
  10. Fishin Scott

    kx 85 or rm 125

    Buyer beware
  11. Fishin Scott

    stripped drain bolt

    Did you use a slightly larger tap and replacement bolt to make it all good ? If not the old bolt may not tighten ok due to damage already done to the origional sized thread. In that case that is your next option Cheers
  12. I didn't think it was just an engine type of question which is why I mentioned the hits I know some older riders who love the BMW bikes that are ofroad freindly but are quite road usefull also. Out of my price range but they love them and are very user friendly Cheers
  13. Fishin Scott

    Starting Technique Discrepancy

    I think the kick n twist is an old 2 stroke thingalso you shouldn;t have to be winding the idle adjust every start up mabye just a light feather of a throttle would help for a cold morning warm up works on mine but if too much there can be a kickback Cheers
  14. This is an interesting question Engine reliability is only part of it because a good motor in a dog of a rolling chassis is no good. And vise a versa. I think a roadie will do big K's and a dirt bike will take the hits and they are two different worlds Just my opinion Cheers
  15. Honda had a shaft drive bike...Oops .I just realized as I was typing that it mightn,t be usefull Anyhow its a CX500 roadie They were a good V Twin Just gotta figure out how to get the shaft on the rear sprocket Sorry for wasting your time mate