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    Starter motor struggling to turn over and start

    I have not had bike long, and never used kick starter until it started playing up. I've owned a yzr 426 and I was extremely surprised how easy the crf was to kick over in comparison. Further I was unable to start with kick start and only got started by push starting and hitting the electric start at the same time I have noticed in the US they recalled a bunch of 08 & 09 models to replace decompression Shaft I'm starting to think along these lines. Is it a matter of pulling out cam to check decompression shaft or is there a tell tail sign? I have taken a video of how it tries to start but couldn't add to this post. Can email ! Really appreciated feed back Ps I pulled spark plug out and it still struggled to turn over
  2. I can't work out why bike is struggling to start. I have tested battery (& swapped with a new battery) tested voltage from relay 12.6v so that is fine. Removed and tested starter motor, held in vice and applied load with a bit of wood, all worked fine. Then thought it was the starter clutch, removed starter clutch to check for movement, once again all good. I'm at a lost to know what to check next......any idea's?